Zuno is a sage who knows information of the Sixth Universe and Seventh Universe.


Zuno is a large individual with an enlarged head with a blank expression, large ears, red lips and a shaved top with a ponytail and sides. He wears a yellow robe with a red jacket.


Abilities and PowerEdit


Sixth Universe ArcEdit



On his planet, Zuno was visited by Bulma and Jaco. Jaco presented his gift to Zuno, which was a kiss on the cheek, and Zuno gave Jaco one question because he was a man. Jaco asked the bust size of Bulma, and Zuno responded saying 83.4 centimeters but they were previously 87.2 centimeters before breastfeeding. Zuno was then present his gift from Bulma which was also a kiss on the cheek. Zuno gave Bulma three questions because she was a middle-aged woman and not his type. Bulma was shocked and questioned getting two more wishes than Jaco, and Zuno confirmed her question, wasting one of her wishes.[1]

Zuno was then asked to inform them of the Super Dragon Balls, so Zuno explained the size of the balls and the history, being created in Year 41 of the Divine Calendar by Dragon God Zalama, and a year later formed a refraction technique for his original design. He continued explaining that there are seven balls between Sixth and Seventh Universes and to summon the dragon in the language of the gods. After the wish is granted, the Super Dragon Balls scatter throughout both universes. Bulma wasted her final question asking if both universes have seven Super Dragon Balls. Bulma attempted to get more questions by kissing Zuno repeatedly but was forced out.[1]

"Future" Trunks ArcEdit


Zuno was in his room when Zamasu attacked his attendant. Zamasu demanded Zuno to tell him everything he knew about the Super Dragon Balls.[2]


In his temple, Zuno was explaining the power of the Dragon Balls to Zamasu. When Zamasu asked if he had to collect all seven, Zuno denied taking more questions, but his life was threatened when Zamasu stated he could kill him in an instant because he was a Kaioh and he also restated his question. Zuno confirmed Zamasu's question but said the light was out of the Dragon Balls, so he had to wait the lifespan of a cockroach, one year. Zamasu then asked to reveal the location of the Dragon Balls, confusing Zuno.[3]

Zuno later contacted the Kaiohshin World of the Seventh Universe and informed Kibito of Zamasu, the North Kaioh of the Tenth Universe, asked him about the Super Dragon Balls, Son Gokou, and if it was possible to switch the bodies of a god and human with the Dragon Balls.[3]


  • Zuno's name means "brain" in Japanese (頭脳).


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