Zenoh is the former king of all 12 universes from future Trunks's world.


Zenoh has a child appearance with wide head with a blue and violet striped face, a blank expression, grey ears, and light blue skin. He wears a yellow suit under a reddish-purple coat with the kanji for all in white and grey on the front and back of the coat, and reddish-purple shoes.



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Zenoh was summoned by Son Gokou on the Earth by a button given to him by the present Zenoh. He was curious to know who caused what happened on the Earth and asked Gokou, but he denied and pointed to Zamasu and asked to destroy him. Moments later, Zenoh erased the world. Sometime later, Zenoh was floating in space when Gokou and Trunks returned in the time machine to take him to a better place. After being taken to the past, Gokou took Zenoh to the present Zenoh's Palace. After Gokou introduced the Zenoh to each other, the two kings decided to play with each other.[1]


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