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My form is justice. My form is the world! Revere me. Praise me. This noble and beautiful... immortal and strongest god... Zamasu!
— Zamasu[1]

Potara Zamasu[2][3][4][5][6] was the fusion of Zamasu and Goku-Black.[1]


Potara Zamasu artwork by Tadayoshi Yamamuro.

Potara Zamasu has the body of Zamasu but with white hair in the style of a Super Saiyan from Goku-Black. He wears a dark grey long-sleeved undershirt, a grey and red Kaiohshin coat, dark grey pants, a dark red obi sash, and white boots. He also wears green and golden Potara on both of his ears and a Time Ring.


Abilities and Power[]


Right Arm Hypertrophy[]

Because half of Zamasu is mortal due to Goku-Black not being immortal, after receiving a certain amount of damage, Zamasu's right half becomes damaged and purple and his arm is hypertrophy.[7]


  • Bukuujutsu ( () (くう) (じゅつ) Bukūjutsu?, literal meaning "Dance in the Sky Technique") Zamasu has the ability to perform Bukuujutsu.[1]
  • Fujimi (不死身 (ふじみ) Fujimi?, literal meaning "Invulnerability"): Zamasu is invulnerable to physical damage. However, because Zamasu is the combination of the vulnerable, Black, and the immortal god, Zamasu, half of Potara Zamasu's body is immortal.[1]
    • Saisei (再生 (さいせい) Saisei?, literal meaning "Recovery"):
  • Sabaki no Yaiba ( (さば) きの (やいば) Sabaki no Yaiba?, literal meaning "Blade of Judgement"): Zamasu creates a barrage of blades from his halo and launches them at his enemy. Once they land on the ground, the blades explode.[8]
  • Zettai no Kaminari (絶対 (ぜったい) (かみなり) Zettai no Kaminari?, literal meaning "Absolute Lightning"): Zamasu creates lightning from his purple energy bird and fires it at his enemies. This technique is first seen against Vegeta and Goku.[8]
  • Seinarugekirin ( (せい) なる逆鱗 (げきりん) Sei-naru Gekirin?, literal meaning "Holy Wrath"): is a large energy ball. He first uses this technique against Trunks.[8][9]
    • Seinarugekirin Shukusei ( (せい) なる逆鱗 (げきりん) 粛清 (しゅくせい) Sei-naru Gekirin Shukusei?, literal meaning "Holy Wrath Purge"):[7]
  • Seigi no Hikari (正義 (せいぎ) (ひかり) Seigi no Hikari?, literal meaning "Light of Justice"): Zamasu causes lightning to strike from the sky and as it strikes him, it causes him to power up.[7]
  • Gekiretsu-Shinretsuzan (激烈 (げきれつ) (しん) (れつ) (ざん) Gekiretsu Shin Retsu-zan?):[7]


Super Saiyan Rosé[]

Potara Zamasu as a Super Saiyan Rosé.

Because Goku-Black was in Super Saiyan Rosé when uniting with Zamasu, Zamasu is permanently in the state of Rosé, but he possesses white Super Saiyan hair rather than crimson.[1]


"Future" Trunks Arc[]

After Zamasu was released from the jar Trunks attempted to seal him in with the Mafuuba, Zamasu and Goku-Black realized that if they continued to be careless, their ideals could vanish. To end their play time, they decided to show the humans the gods' true power, so Zamasu switched his Potara from his left ear to his right ear so he and Black could merge, and they accomplished it, becoming the "immortal and most powerful god, Zamasu."[1]

Goku and Vegeta then merged into Vegetto, and he immediately transformed into Super Saiyan Blue. Zamasu then angrily fired a Holy Wrath at him, but Vegetto destroyed it with ease. Zamasu then questioned why the humans imitated the actions of the gods. After he finished monologuing, Vegetto attacked and then challenged the god, leading him to attack Vegetto, but he dodged. Immediately after, Zamasu appeared behind Vegetto, but the latter blocked as the two crashed through the ground. After the two departed, they began to attack each other rapidly before Vegetto grabbed Zamasu's face and forced it toward the ground. While on top of Zamasu, Vegetto held his arm and face and wondered if it was all he had. Zamasu then powered up as he rose, pushing Vegetto away. Zamasu vanished before Vegetto after he recovered and then clashed. Zamasu managed to punch Vegetto in the gut and upper-cutted him shortly after their clash, having Vegetto on the ground. Zamasu prepared to kill Vegetto with his Ki blade, but Vegetto countered with his Spirits Sword.[7]

As he was piercing the god, Vegetto wondered if he could feel pain, so Zamasu stated he was immortal. However, Vegetto reminded him had the human body of Goku, but Zamasu stated his desire for it because he had the power to surpass the gods. After Zamasu powered up, Zamasu and Vegetto began to clash again. After their clash, Zamasu was on the defense while Vegetto attacked him. Zamasu then attempted to strike Vegetto with his Ki blade, but the latter dodged and kicked him into a building. He then fired a Final Kamehameha at Zamasu. After Zamasu ascended into the air, Vegetto delivered a powerful punch to him, but in the process, he defused into Goku and Vegeta before he could fully deliver the blow.[7]

Other Media[]


Playable Appearances[]

Major Battles[]

  • Zamasu vs. Son Goku, Vegeta, and Trunks (Anime only)
  • Zamasu vs. Goku and Vegeta (Manga only)
  • Zamasu vs. Vegetto
  • Zamasu vs. Trunks (Anime only)


  • Potara Zamasu's degree of danger is 12 stars.[10]


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