Yogengyo[2][3] is a fish with prophetic powers.[1]


Yogengyo is a light blue fish with an antenna, a blank expression, large lips, and green fins around his tail. He is always seen in a pod filled with a green fluid.





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Gods of the Universe ArcEdit

Battle of GodsEdit

Thirty-nine years later, Yogengyo was taking a walk when he was summoned by Beerus in the garden. Beerus asked Yogengyo if he made a prophecy about a rival in 39 years time. However, Yogengyo did not remember the prophecy, but Beerus told him he did, so the fish guessed he made the prophecy.[4]

Resurrection ‘F’Edit

Months later, Yogengyo gave Whis his scepter while he was training Son Gokou and Vegeta because he received a message by someone from Planet Earth.[5]

God of Destruction Beerus ArcEdit



Yogengyo told Beerus he would face the Super Saiyan God. However, the Saiyans were limited because of Beerus's order for Freeza to destroy Planet Vegeta. Whis located a few of the remaining Saiyans on Earth, but the one who defeated Freeza was on the North Kaioh's Planet known as Son Gokou. Beerus and Whis then traveled to the North Kaioh's Planet.[6]

Golden Freeza ArcEdit

Universe Survival ArcEdit


After the battle with Zamasu, Yogengyo, alongside Beerus, watched as Whis trained with Vegeta. Yogengyo informed Beerus that Vegeta and Gokou would be his rivals, angering him. Beerus then sparred against Vegeta and became furious after Vegeta got carried away during the spar, shocking Yogengyo and Whis, and easily defeated the Saiyan. Later, Yogengyo, Beerus, Whis, and Gokou ate daifuku, Gokou's gift in exchange for training, after Whis returned Vegeta to Earth.[7]

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  • Yogengyo (予言魚) means "prophetic fish".


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