Yadratians are aliens who taught Son Gokou the Shunkanidou technique.[1][2][3]


Yardratians in the Manga

Two groups of Yardratians greet Vegeta and Irico.

The Yardratians have various appearances:

Some Yardratians have pink skin with light blue spots on the top of their heads, thin, long ears, two whiskers, and wrinkly skin. However, a Yardratian from the Second Universe appears at the Tournament of Power and does not possess wrinkly skin and whiskers. The Yardratians wear a white shirt with a blue jacket, red pants, and white sandals.

Other Yardratians have lime green or light blue skin, oval-shaped heads with one or two antennas darker than their skin tone, round eyes, an absence of a nose but nostrils are present. The Yardratians wear a fighting jacket with a baggy shirt and baggy pants, with shoes.

Known YardratiansEdit


After Son Gokou landed on the planet Planet Yardrat, the Yardratians taught Gokou the Shunkanidou technique for a year as the technique was difficult to learn.[1][2][3]

Years later, Vegeta went to Planet Yardrat to learn a new ability from them to defeat Moro.

In Age 800, the Yardratians immigrated to Earth after their planet was destroyed. Fifty-three years later, the Yardratians established a city. In Age 900, the Yardratians were put in charge of developing a time machine.[4]


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