Yamoshi (ャモシ Yamoshi?) is the Super Saiyan of legend.


Not much is known about Yamoshi's personality, but Yamoshi, along with his five Saiyan comrades, was a righteous Saiyan because of his gentle nature.


On Planet Sadala, Yamoshi and his five comrades began a rebellion. When cornered, Yamoshi transformed into a newly form known as Super Saiyan. Though, he was later defeated by other warriors after Yamoshi exhausted himself.


After his death, Yamoshi's soul wandered in search of a new savior until stumbling upon six righteous Saiyans on Planet Vegeta, thus creating the Super Saiyan God. Because of Yamoshi's soul, the God of Destruction Beerus sensed the soul of Yamoshi in his prophetic dream, and a Nameccian elder sympathized with the soul and wrote about it in the Nameccian Book of Legends.


  • Yamoshi's name is presumably an anagram of the Japanese word "moyashi", meaning bean sprouts.


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