Yamcha[7][8][9] is a former bandit.





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Four years after Majin-Boo's defeat, Yamcha was invited to Bulma's birthday party alongside the Dragon Team and their friends. Here he encountered Beerus and Whis, who are looking for a Super Saiyan God to fight with. Yamcha was enjoying the party. When Bulma was beginning the Bingo Contest, Yamcha noticed that one of the Dragon Balls were missing. The last Dragon Ball was later found in the hands of Mai and Pilaf. Beerus eventually got angered by Boo because he did not share his pudding. Yamcha himself does not take part in the fight against Beerus and was evacuated by Kulilin alongside the other guests to safety.[16]

When Beerus challenged Woolong to a rock-paper-scissors match, Yamcha gave Woolong a plan: he told Woolong that Beerus thought he was just a pig with hooves who did not have fingers. Yamcha speculated that Beerus would use paper, so to counter this, Woolong used scissors. However, Beerus heard the entire plan and proceeded to attempt to destroy the Earth. He later watched the fight between Super Saiyan God Goku and Beerus while airborne. In the end, Beerus beat Goku, but does not destroy Earth and goes home.[16]

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In the desert, Yamcha was working on his car when Shenron appeared and was flying away with Goku.[17]

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  • Yamcha vs. Tenshinhan
  • Yamcha vs. Saibaiman
  • Yamcha vs. Cell Jr.


  • Yamcha has a blood type of O.[1]
  • Yamcha's hobbies are grappling and baseball.[3]
  • Yamcha's favorite food is hard-baked soba.[3]
  • Yamcha's favorite vehicle is the Mighty Mouse (his old-fashioned buggy).[3]
  • Yamcha is one of the two best cooks in Dragon Ball.[18]
  • Yamcha dislikes all women besides Bulma.[4]


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