Woolong is a shapeshifter.



At any rate, he loves girls! Knows no special tricks apart from shapeshifting.[2]


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Woolong was at Bulma's birthday party when Beerus visited Earth. When Beerus was prepared to destroy the Earth, but he gave the Earthlings one last chance to avoid their planet's destruction by challenging Woolong to a game of rock-paper-scissors. Yamcha believed that Beerus's motive for choosing Oolong was that he assumed that Woolong has hooves instead of hands, meaning he can only play scissors. Thinking that this means that Beerus will play rock, Yamcha told Woolong to play paper. In the end, however, their strategy fails as Beerus was able to hear the entire plan with his big ears.[5]

After the conclusion of Goku's battle with Beerus, Woolong started attacking Goku upon realizing that he had been watching the Dragon Team struggle with the God of Destruction for an extended period of time without interfering.[5]

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  • Woolong has a blood-type of A.[2]
  • Woolong is named after Oolong tea.[6]
  • Woolong's hobby is collecting panties.[4]
  • Woolong dislikes men and ugly women.[4]


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