Vikal is a warrior from the Second Universe. She is a member of the Representatives of the Second Universe.[1]


Vikal is a pale skinned woman with blue hair tied into a ponytail. She wears a leotard with a purple top and black pants. She also wears black armbands. She has bat like wings that are black on the outside and purple on the inside. She has golden eyes that usually glow purple.


Despite her villainous appearance, Vikal is actually a very nice person. She is shown to be very loyal to her teammates, especially Sanka-Ku, who she appears to be in love with. She saved Sanka (as Kakunsa) from being ringed out, and the two women embraced and hugged

Abilities and PowerEdit

Vikal's power is not known, as she was never shown fighting. She is at least capable of flight with her wings.


Universe Survival ArcEdit

Vikal was chosen as one of the ten fighters to represent universe 2. She was one of the winged fighters, which benefited her team as ki based flight was disabled. When Kakunsa was about to be ringed out, Vikal saved her. After the two women expressed their love for one another, Vikal launched Kakunsa back into the ring to continue fighting. Vikal was about to go help the others on her team when Android 17 eliminated her, knocking her all the way to the stands. After Universe 2 was eliminated, they were erased. After the universes were restored, Vikal came back into existence.


  • Vikal and Kakunsa vs. Android No. 17



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