Kacarrot and Vegeta have been fused, so I guess that makes me Vegetto.
— Vegetto to Majin-Boo.[1]

Vegetto[2][3][4][5], or Veget[6], is the fusion of Kacarrot and Vegeta with Potara earrings.[7][8]


Vegetto is a muscular male with tall black hair (dark brown in most media) and two bangs. He wears an orange t-shirt under a dark blue suit, a blue obi sash, white gloves, and white boots.


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Super SaiyanEdit

Super Vegetto

Vegetto as a Super Saiyan.

Because Vegeta and Kacarrot (Gokou) are capable of transforming into Super Saiyan, Vegetto was granted the ability. In this form, he is referred to as "Super Vegetto" (スーパーベジット Sūpā Bejītto?, Funimation dub: "Super Vegito"; Funimation sub: "Super Vegetto"; Viz: "Super Vegerot").

Super Saiyan God Super SaiyanEdit

Vegetto Blue

Vegetto as a Super Saiyan God Super Saiyan.

Because Kacarrot (Gokou) and Vegeta are able to transform into Super Saiyan God Super Saiyan, Vegetto is capable of transforming into the form. In the form, he refers to himself as "Vegetto Blue" (ベジットブルー Bejītto Burū?) (in the anime)[9] or "Blue Vegetto" (ブルーベジット Burū Bejītto?, Viz: "Blue Vegerot") (in the manga).[10] Vegetto transformed into Super Saiyan God Super Saiyan to face off against Zamasu. However, because of the use of his immense power as a Super Saiyan God Super Saiyan, Vegetto's time limit was shortened.[9]


Majin-Boo ArcEdit

"Future" Trunks ArcEdit


After realizing Zamasu needed to be defeated quickly, Gokou and Vegeta decided to unite into Vegetto. After explaining his identity to Zamasu, Vegetto immediately transformed into Super Saiyan Blue. Zamasu then angrily fired a Holy Wrath at him, but Vegetto destroyed it with ease. Zamasu then questioned why the humans imitated the actions of the gods. After he finished monologuing, Vegetto attacked and then challenged the god, leading him to attack Vegetto, but he dodged. Immediately after, Zamasu appeared behind Vegetto, but the latter blocked as the two crashed through the ground. After the two departed, they began to attack each other rapidly before Vegetto grabbed Zamasu's face and forced it toward the ground. While on top of Zamasu, Vegetto held his arm and face and wondered if it was all he had. Zamasu then powered up as he rose, pushing Vegetto away. After recovering, Zamasu vanished before Vegetto, and the two then clashed. Zamasu managed to punch Vegetto in the gut and uppercutted him shortly after their clash, having Vegetto on the ground. Zamasu prepared to kill Vegetto with his ki blade, but Vegetto countered with his Spirit Sword.[9]

Vegetto wondered if Zamasu could feel pain, so Zamasu stated he was immortal. However, Vegetto reminded him had the human body of Gokou, but Zamasu stated his desire for it because he had the power to surpass the gods. After Zamasu powered up, Vegetto and Zamasu began to clash again. After their clash, Vegetto began to rapidly punched Zamasu while he was on the defense. Zamasu attempted to strike Vegetto with his Shinretsuzan, but Vegetto dodged and kicked him into a building. He then fired a Final Kamehameha at Zamasu. Afterwards, Zamasu ascended into the air, but Vegetto delivered a powerful punch to him, but in the process, he defused into Kacarrot and Vegeta before he could fully deliver the blow.[9]


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  • Vegetto's name is a combination of Vegeta's name and Son Gokou's Saiyan name, Kacarrot. The first part, Vege, comes from Vegeta's name, and the "-tto" comes from the Japanese pronunciation of Kacarrot, Kakaro-"tto". A better transliteration of his name would be "Veget", but official romanization in Japanese merchandise spell his name as Vegetto, disregarding the Kacarrot spelling.


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