Vegetababy[1][2] was Vegeta under the control of Baby.


Vegetababy had the appearance of Vegeta, along with his outfit. However, because of Baby's parasitism, Vegeta possessed red cross lines across his face and eyes, forming for being a Machine Mutant.



Abilities and PowerEdit


Super SaiyanEdit

Super Saiyan Vegetababy Anime

Super Saiyan Baby

Transforming into Super Saiyan, Vegetababy's hair becomes silver-ish instead of the traditional golden hair among Super Saiyans.

Super BabyEdit

Strongest Form 1Edit
Super Baby Strongest Form 1 Anime

After absorbing the energy of Gohan, Goten, Trunks, and Pan, Vegetababy ascends in power and transforms into his first strongest form: Super Baby: Strongest Form 1 (スーパーベビー 最強 (さいきょう) 形態 (けいたい) 1 (ワン) Sūpā Bebī Saikyō Keitai Wan?)[3], Baby Ultimate 1[4], or simply Super Baby 1 (スーパーベビー1 (ワン) Sūpā Bebī Wan?).

In this form, Vegetababy's appearance drastically changes: his hair extends from previously, the lines across his eyes become larger and the eyes have a glassy cover, he attains yellow wings on his shoulders, and due to Vegeta's tank top being torn, a large red lines are seen across his chest.
Strongest Form 2Edit
Super Baby Strongest Form 2

Baby in his second strongest form.

After absorbing power from all Earthlings, Vegetababy evolved once again and becomes Super Baby: Strongest Form 2 (スーパーベビー 最強 (さいきょう) 形態 (けいたい) 2 (ツー) Sūpā Bebī Saikyō Keitai Tsū?), or simply Super Baby 2 (スーパーベビー2 (ツー) Sūpā Bebī Tsū?). This form resembles Super Saiyan 3.[3]


Ohzaru Baby

Vegetababy in Ohzaru transformation.

Due to possessing Vegeta, Super Baby is able to transform into Ohzaru by Bruits Waves. In this form, he’s known as Ohzaru Baby[2] ( (おう) (さる) ベビー Ōzaru Bebī?).


Baby ArcEdit

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