Prince Vegeta IV[6][7][8][9] is the prince of the Saiyans and was an ultra-elite Saiyan in the Vegeta Force. He is the son of King Vegeta III, the older brother of Tarble, the husband of Bulma, and the father of Trunks and Bura. He is the tritagonist in Dragon Ball Z and the deuteragonist in Dragon Ball Super.


In Dragon Ball Super: Broly, while in the Ice Continent, Vegeta received a cold weather wear from Bulma: he wears a long, green coat with white stripes and "SAB" in pink on the left chest of the coat over his tradition Saiyan armor.




King Vegeta





Dragon Team

Son Goku








Abilities and Power




Ohzaru Vegeta

Ohzaru Vegeta.

Due to being a Saiyan, Vegeta has the biological ability to transform into Ohzaru. In this form, Vegeta's power increases 10 times and while in this form, he was able to easily overpower Son Gokou and the others before his tail was cut during battle.

Super Saiyan

After not being able to transform into Super Saiyan, Vegeta later transformed due to self-loathing. In this form, Vegeta's power increases 50 times and was able to easily overpower Android No. 19 after Gokou was sick to the heart disease.

Super Saiyan 2nd Grade

Super Vegeta

Vegeta in Super Saiyan 2nd Grade.

After training in the Seishin to Toki no Heya to ascend a level beyond Super Saiyan, Vegeta was able to pass the wall and achieved Super Saiyan 2nd Grade. In this form, Vegeta refers to himself as "Super Vegeta" ( (スーパー) ベジータ Sūpā Bejīta?).

Super Vegeta was stronger than Cell in his Second Form. He was able to easily defeat the android. However, Vegeta allowed Cell to achieve his Perfect Form. While Cell was in his Perfect Form, Super Vegeta was unable to damage Cell any longer.

Super Saiyan 2

Super Saiyan 2 Vegeta

Vegeta in Super Saiyan 2.

During the seven years after the defeat of Cell and the death of Gokou, Vegeta trained to achieve Super Saiyan 2.

Super Saiyan God

Super Saiyan God Vegeta

Vegeta in Super Saiyan God.

Vegeta transformed into Super Saiyan God during his second battle against Goku-Black. During his training in the Seishin to Toki no Heya after his defeat against Black in the future, Vegeta trained to achieve Super Saiyan God and used the form as a balance in stamina consumption and power during his second battle against Black.[22]

Super Saiyan God Super Saiyan

Super Saiyan Blue Vegeta
Super Saiyan God Super Saiyan Evolved
Super Saiyan God Super Saiyan Vegeta Evolved



Vegeta Watching His Father and Beerus

Vegeta shocked as he sees his father and Beerus.

In Age 732, Vegeta was born to King Vegeta III and the queen.

Sometime later, in the throne room of the palace, Vegeta witnessed his father being used as a footstool by the God of Destruction Beerus during the god's feast.[23][24][25] Vegeta tried to help his father, but Beerus paralyzed him.[25] Later, Vegeta was on another planet with Raditz and Nappa when Planet Vegeta was destroyed by Freeza but was told it was due to a meteor.[26]

Jaco the Galactic Patrolman

Vegeta was on an extraterrestrial planet with Raditz when Freeza called for the Saiyans to return to Planet Vegeta. Raditz wondered if the two should return, but Vegeta said to ignore it as if they did not hear it.[27]

Saiyans Arc

Freeza Arc

Androids and Cell Arc

Majin-Boo Arc

The Return Son Goku and Friends!

Gods of the Universe Saga

Battle of Gods

Resurrection 'F'

Ten months after the encounter with the God of Destruction, Beerus, Vegeta, alongside Goku, was training with Whis on Beerus's Planet. Vegeta got angry with Goku for hitting him, so he challenged Whis by himself. Vegeta was easily taken out with a chop to the neck. After another try of redemption, Vegeta challenged Whis with Goku, but their attempt was stopped by Whis due to them lacking speed to keep up. Whis gave Vegeta and Goku a lesson on their weaknesses and told them to not think and let their own body parts move on their own. He told Vegeta that his weakness is getting frustrated in battle and he needs to become tranquil like Goku. Beerus awoke due to their training and walked towards them and accidentally fired a ki blast that could blow Vegeta and Goku into pieces. After hearing that Whis could perform a Do-Over, Vegeta asked Whis what he was, but doesn't get a clear answer.

Vegeta, Goku, and Whis continued their training. Their training is however continuously getting interrupted by Beerus asked for a top on pizza which is cheese. Yogengyo arrived to tell Whis he received a message from Bulma. Whis telepathically called her and to their unnotice, Freeza had been revived. Vegeta teleported to Earth with Goku using Teleportation. Vegeta was disgusted by Freeza's appearance, but remains silent. Vegeta stayed back while Goku battled Freeza. He was surprised by Freeza when he transforms into his True Form while Goku remained in his base. Vegeta stood on the side while they both fought. After a while, Vegeta got annoyed that Goku has not switched for fighting Freeza. He reached their location in the sky and attacked Goku, but Freeza told Vegeta that he wanted to kill Goku instead.

After Goku was shot by Sorbet's Bad Ring Laser, Golden Freeza took advantage of this situation and tortured Goku. While Freeza wanted to make a different approach of killing Goku, he asked Vegeta to kill him. Vegeta turned down Freeza's offer for taking the supreme commander role in his Freeza Army. Vegeta had decided to kill Freeza for destroying his home planet. Vegeta then told Kuririn to give Goku a Senzu. Kuririn was fired at by Freeza, but Vegeta evaded his blast, killing Sorbet. After Goku had been healed, Vegeta told Goku he is taking his turn against Freeza. Vegeta then immediately takes on his Super Saiyan God Super Saiyan form combating Freeza. Vegeta managed to revert Freeza back to his True Form. With Freeza on his fours and a Big Bang Attack ready to sent him back to Hell, Freeza fires Repeating Death Beams into Earth killing everyone on Earth except Whis, Beerus, Goku, Piccolo, Jaco, Bulma, Gohan, Tenshinhan, Klilyn, and Kame-Sennin.

However, thanks to Whis's Do-over ability, the Earth was restored and his death was undone. Goku then interfered the battle and used a Kamehameha to completely obliterate Freeza before he destroyed the Earth again. After Goku kills Freeza, Vegeta was angry at Goku for taking his spotlight. Goku suggested that they should work together next time but Vegeta declined and Goku agreed.

God of Destruction Beerus Arc


Sometime after the defeat of Majin-Boo, Vegeta takes the unusual step to take time off from his training and go on a family vacation with Bulma and Trunks. Vegeta is riding on top of Bulma's aircraft while heading to the resort. Vegeta was disinterested while shopping with Bulma and Trunks. While Trunks was trying on clothes, Vegeta was asked by Bulma why he was different after the fight with Majin Boo. He told her that he only went because he was keeping a promise he made to Trunks previously. Vegeta, Trunks, and Bulma continued doing activities afterward. While Trunks was carrying multiple gifts, Bulma got furious with Vegeta for not helping, but Vegeta responded that he was hungry. The three then went out and ate at a restaurant. When the chefs brought out an octopus, Vegeta pulled one of its tentacles and got sprayed with ink - getting him angry, so they left immediately.

At night time, Vegeta, Bulma, and Trunks go to a festival, but Vegeta was separated. Vegeta wanted to leave because he knew Goku was training even though he defeated Majin Boo, so he wanted to train too. Suddenly, Vegeta got called out by the singer on stage, wanting him to go on stage to dance. Vegeta got furious by the cheers and the shoving and blasted off from the resort. Vegeta went back to Capsule Corporation to train and surpass Goku.

Vegeta continued his training while the rest of the gang attended, also with the exception of Goku, Bulma's birthday party. While finishing his 150 times gravity, Vegeta was interrupted by Capsule Corporation's secretary that Bulma called she wanted to tell Vegeta to go to her party. Vegeta, however, was disinterested and continued training, but he later decided to go. When Kaioh alerted him about Beerus going to Earth, Vegeta was unconcerned until he learned that Goku fought Beerus and lost by two shots. When Beerus arrived, he was playing around with Vegeta which got him angry. However, Vegeta did not recognize who Beerus was until he paralyzed by him, being reminded of being paralyzed by Beerus a long time ago. Vegeta then casted his pride aside to ensure Beerus stayed in a good mood until Boo made Beerus mad by not sharing his pudding with him and Whis.

Vegeta tried to stay back from fighting Beerus knowing what he can do. Vegeta got yelled at by Bulma and was told to get Beerus out of the party. Without luck trying to calm Beerus down, Vegeta watches the battles between Boo, Tenshinhan, Piccolo, No. 18, and Gotenks. Being the only warrior left, Vegeta engaged Beerus in his Super Saiyan form but got paralyzed and thrown into the ground. Vegeta's heads got smashed by Beerus's foot and got compared to his father, being called a weakling. Vegeta was on the verge of facing death until Bulma walked up to Beerus and slapped him for messing up her party. Knowing of what Beerus might do, Vegeta started getting furious and entered a rage state after Bulma gets slapped.

Vegeta transformed into a Super Saiyan 2 and charged at Beerus. Vegeta striked at Beerus multiple times and starts to fight Beerus throughout the ocean. After Vegeta blasted a Canon the Gyalic at Beerus, Beerus stated that he has used a tenth of his power in a long while. With this said, Vegeta got flicked back towards the deck of the ship. Beerus decided that he would give the Earthlings another chance to save Earth in a game of rock-paper-scissors. Woolong was Beerus's contestant in the match, and he lost to the god. Vegeta and he rest of the Dragon Team were defenseless from the destruction of Earth until Goku arrived and asked for more time to summon Shenron and learn more about Super Saiyan God.

After summoning Shenron and learning that six righteous Saiyans are needed for the ritual to create a Super Saiyan God, Piccolo claimed that Vegeta was not righteous, but Kame-Sennin and Chichi defended him and declared him as pure-hearted. After the completion of the transformation, Vegeta watched the battle between Super Saiyan God Goku and Beerus on the ship while most the crew went in Bulma's aircraft. When Piccolo and Whis were bickering at each other, Vegeta fired a Kikouha at the two out of annoyance. As Goku was falling toward Earth after a collision with Beerus, Vegeta caught Goku before he could hit the ground. Beerus did not destroy Earth, falling asleep doing so. Whis took Beerus home afterward. Later that day, Goku told Vegeta that he could reach Super Saiyan God next time they needed it. Vegeta told him that he will surpass Goku and Super Saiyan God. Vegeta then got mocked by Goku for saying "My Bulmaaa" when she got hit by Beerus, who was watching from a distance.


Mister Satan and Vegeta conversating

Vegeta eating while Satan offers him 100 million zenny.

Sometime after the defeat of Majin-Boo, Satan offered his 100 million zenny from saving the world to Vegeta while he was eating lunch, however Vegeta declined his offer because he already had enough.[28]

At Bulma's birthday party on a cruise liner, the God of Destruction Beerus appeared and got angry because Boo did not share any pudding, After defeating Boo and Gohan, Piccolo decided to use the Makankousappou, but Vegeta prevented him because it would have no effect. While remembering what Beerus did to his father, He informed them Beerus was the most powerful god. Bulma suddenly slapped Beerus but Beerus retaliated. Vegeta got angry and so he transformed into Super Saiyan 2 and attacked the god. After getting several hits on Beerus, he was unharmed and he decided to destroy the Earth because the Super Saiyan God was not present. However, Goku appeared in front of Vegeta and asked for him to wait.[29]

Goku used the Dragon Balls to summon Shenron and learn about the Super Saiyan God. Shenron explained six righteous Saiyans were required to work together to bring forth the Super Saiyan God. However, five Saiyans were present, but Videl revealed she was pregnant. So, the six gathered together by grabbing their hands and transferred their energy to Goku, and he became the Super Saiyan God. Goku then battled against the God of Destruction, even their battle transpiring in the Earth's stratosphere. After their destructive battle, Beerus spared the Earth and went home.[30]

Vegeta dancing

Vegeta practicing a dance.

Afterwards, Vegeta was practicing a dance while watching aerobic videos, but he was disappointed that he was not able to show it off.[28]

Golden Freeza Arc



Sixth Universe Arc



On Beerus's planet, Vegeta was sparring with Goku. Goku charged and attacked Vegeta, but the latter blocked it, so Goku flipped over Vegeta and kicked him. However, Vegeta grabbed his leg and threw him before stating the first to defeat Beerus would be him. Vegeta charged at Goku, but Goku teleported several times while Vegeta attacked him. When Goku was going to attack Vegeta from behind, Vegeta, out of anger, transformed into Super Saiyan God Super Saiyan and blasted Goku. Goku stated the match we on a consensus of not transforming, but he decided to transform. While saying Super Saiyan God Super Saiyan several times, Goku bit he tongue so he asked Vegeta to do something about the name. Whis, who was spectating, appeared and suggested the name Super Saiyan Blue.[31]

Whis then mentioned the match was supposed to be a transformation prohibited match and said if they were going to disobey him, there were going to be problems. He also mentioned even though they defeated Golden Freeza, they still needed room for improvement. After Whis fixed the destruction done by Vegeta, he transformed their clothing into extremely heavy suits as punishment. As Vegeta and Goku blamed each other for the suits, Champa and Vados appeared and the two noticed them. While Whis was told to get Beerus, who was sleeping, Vegeta and Goku spoke with Champa and commented that he looked like a fat Beerus. Vados mentioned he was the twin brother of Beerus and the God of Destruction of the 6th Universe.[31]

When Beerus and Whis appeared, Champa mentioned he made a presence to have their usual showdown. Champa and Beerus brought out food: Beerus presented ramen noodles and Champa presented a boiled Don-Don bird egg. Champa enjoyed the ramen and asked Beerus were he received the food and mentioned Earth. Champa then commanded Vados to look for Earth in their universe. Vegeta was unaware of the 6th Universe, so Whis explained there were 12 universes and the 6th and 7th Universes were like twins because the two add up to the number 13. Vados then located the Earth in the 6th Universe and mentioned the humans were extinct because of a civil war. Champa then challenged Beerus to a showdown for the Earth in a competition with five warriors from their universes.[31]

Whis then explained why Beerus and Champa did not have battles but rather food contests because the two almost destroyed the universe. Champa said he was searching for wish balls for decades and needed one more. If Beerus won the tournament, he would give him the six he gathered. Goku asked if he was talking about the Dragon Balls, which shocked Champa and Vados. Champa informed them the Nameccians previous found the giant balls and shaved pieces from them, known as Super Dragon Balls. Beerus found the six Dragon Balls useless because one was missing but Goku pleaded and said Bulma could find the final one with a radar. After Goku and Vegeta accepted to participate in the tournament, Beerus accepted Champa's challenge.[5]

The rules of the tournament were set to be the same as the Tenkaichi Budoukai, and Vegeta suggested a written test so unintelligent monsters would not participate. The tournament was going to be held on the Nameless Planet at 10 am, in one week of eighth the Solar Calendar (five Earth days.) After Champa and Vados left, Vegeta and Goku took off their suits. Beerus asked for suggestions of warriors for the team, and Goku immediately decided Boo and Piccolo. Vegeta suggested Gohan because he had the most potential of them all, but Goku said he was unable to find his dogi. Beerus then stated he decided on the final one, who was the strongest he fought, shocking Vegeta and Goku.[5]

Beerus then told the two to return to Earth and tell Bulma to prepare for the final Super Dragon Ball for the tournament. Whis then escorted Vegeta and Goku back to Earth. Sometime afterwards, Bulma finished the new Dragon Radar. Goku noticed nothing would show up on the radar and Piccolo wondered if the radar did not work, but Bulma stated they were on the edge of the universe so they would have to go to the center of the universe. However, Bulma was concerned about Beerus's intentions for the balls. She then contacted her sister to get ahold of Jaco and to tell him to go to Earth. Fifty minutes later, Jaco arrived on Earth. Bulma went with Jaco to Zuno to ask about how to reach the center of the universe. Before they left, Vegeta told Jaco to not doing anything weird to Bulma before she slapped the patrolman for laughing it off. Goku then commented the two married strong-willed wives and stated he loved it about Chichi. Vegeta informed him strong-willed women could handle Saiyan blood.[5]

Later, Vegeta went with Goku and Piccolo and visited Satan House and spoke with Boo and Satan. Later, in the Room of Spirit and Time, Vegeta was sparring with Goku. Goku asked Vegeta if he thought the 6th Universe's warriors were strong, and Vegeta thought they were because after seeing them train, Champa still proposed a tournament. Moments later, Vegeta was tired of talking so he and Goku transformed into Super Saiyan Blue and continued their training in the fixed room for three days.[32]

On the day of the tournament in a cube, Vegeta wondered who a mysterious person on the ship was and it was revealed by Whis he was Monaka, the strongest warrior Beerus fought. Vegeta thought his appearance was not good but Piccolo said he could be strong despite his outward appearance. After two hours and ten minutes, they reached the Nameless Planet and upon seeing the Super Dragon Balls, Vegeta was surprised of the size. After landing on the planet, Vegeta went to take the exam and was shocked when he saw a member of Team Champa that looked like Freeza.[32]

After being amazed seeing the Team Champa's warriors, Vegeta and Goku were approached by a Saiyan from the Sixth Universe, who asked if they were Saiyans. Vegeta asked what planet the Saiyans called home and the young Saiyan responded Planet Sadala, a planet that was destroyed in the Seventh Universe because of a civil war. Goku asked the Saiyan about his tail but the latter saying the Saiyans evolved and did not need the tails any longer. Vegeta wondered if the Saiyans were a warrior race so the Saiyan said they were and were hired to defeat criminals, rather than conquer other worlds. Before heading to his seat to take the exam, the Saiyan gave Vegeta permission to visit Sadla and promised to hold back in their match.[33]

Vegeta then took the exam and pass, but Team Beerus lost a member because Boo failed, leaving four team members. Goku pestered Vegeta for having the exam and he almost failed. After Beerus demanded them to choose their place in the tournament and played rock-paper-scissors, Goku was first, Piccolo was second, Vegeta was third, and Monaka was last due to being the strongest. After the singer sang the universal anthem, the first match was between Goku and Team Champa's Botamo.[33]

When Botamo was unfazed after Goku fired a Kamehameha at him, Vegeta stated Goku was more powerful but could not win if he could not deal any damage. Klilyn said Goku had not gone Super Saiyan yet, but Vegeta was skeptical he could deal damage to him even as a Super Saiyan. After Goku won the match due to ring-out, Vegeta was disappointed he did not think of the tactic. In Goku's next match against Frost, when he transformed into his third form, he stated it was his final form but Vegeta thought he was lying.[34]

After Goku transformed into Super Saiyan and Frost transformed into his final form, Vegeta wondered why Frost would not surrender. Frost managed to win against Goku due to ring-out, shocking Team Beerus. After Goku returned to the sidelines, Goku said when Frost punched him, him body went limp, but Vegeta said he got cocky and suffered sudden head trauma. The next match was Piccolo against Frost. When Piccolo was fighting Frost, Vegeta said Piccolo was on the defensive after Goku complimented him. After Piccolo lost against Frost, he was shocked and realized it was like when Goku lost.[35]

As Vegeta was prepared to reach the arena, Jaco objected and claimed Frost was using a concealed weapon. After referee checked Frost's arm for a weapon, Frost was disqualified. However, Vegeta did not want him to be disqualified because he wanted to crush Frost with his own hands.[35] The referee was uncertain because Piccolo's lose was nullified, but Champa allowed Vegeta to have his way. Before the match began, Beerus demanded for Goku to enter because he lost against Frost. Vegeta wanted Goku to go last because he was next but Beerus angrily stated Monaka was last and Goku was after Vegeta.[36]

After the match began, Vegeta immediately transformed into Super Saiyan and attacked Frost, but the latter blocked the attack. Frost then shielded himself, but Vegeta attacked him to break it. He then grabbed Frost to knee him in the gut and then fired a Kiai at Frost, winning the match due to ring-out. As the referee checked Frost's pulse, Vegeta said he did not kill him. Vegeta's next opponent was Otta Magetta. After the match began, Magetta immediately charged Vegeta, but Vegeta dodged and punched. However, Vegeta hurt his hand and was then struck by the Metalman. Magetta attempted to step on Vegeta, but the Saiyan rolled out of the way, jumped into the air and fired a blast at Magetta.[36]

After the smoke cleared, Magetta was unhurt, shocking Vegeta. As Vegeta dodged Magetta's attacks, he heard Goku tell him to toss him out. Vegeta attempted this tactic but failed to lift him due to weighing over 1,000 tons, even as a Super Saiyan, and Magetta punched Vegeta. Vegeta's dodged Magetta's attack and then ascended into the air. Vegeta then began to fire a barrage of energy blasts around Magetta. However, the Metalman began to fire his saliva at the blasts. Vegeta then angrily called Magetta a piece of iron trash before firing a blast at him. Magetta froze up and fell out of the ring. Vegeta was unaware how he won but was relieved. After Vados fixed the destroyed arena, Vegeta's next opponent was Cabbe, the Saiyan from the Sixth Universe.[36]

After the match began, Cabbe immediately, charged at Vegeta but vanished behind Vegeta to attack. Vegeta, however, blocked his attack, but Cabbe hit Vegeta's leg to then double kick his abdomen. Cabbe then flew into the view of Sun, blinding Vegeta. He returned to kick Vegeta in the abdomen, causing Vegeta to sit on the arena grounds and then fired a blast at Vegeta. Vegeta then flipped away and then charged the young Saiyan to kick him. After Cabbe recovered, Vegeta wanted him to transform, but the latter said he could not and wanted Vegeta to teach it to him.[37]

Vegeta got angry and transformed into Super Saiyan. With his immense speed, he quickly delivered a powerful punch to Cabbe. After kicking Cabbe who was in pain, not impressed with the Saiyan's abilities. After stepping on his face, Vegeta asked Cabbe if he thought there was someone as strong as him. Cabbe then attempted to give up, but Vegeta grabbed him by his shirt and said if he gave up, he would kill him because he was a proud Saiyan. Vegeta then threw Cabbe into the air after saying he expected too much from a weakling. He then said there was no place in the universe with a prideless Saiyan and threatened the lives of the Saiyans on Planet Sadla before doing Galaxy Breaker.[37]

Super Saiyan Blue Vegeta Elbowing Super Saiyan Cabbe

Super Saiyan Blue Vegeta delivering a powerful elbow to Super Saiyan Cabbe.

However, Cabbe then transferred into Super Saiyan in rage as he created a Barrier. Vegeta and Cabbe attacked each other in rapid succession before Vegeta expressed his enjoyment. Vegeta then explained how he transformed into a Super Saiyan and told him to not forget the feeling before demanding him to transform again. Immediately after Cabbe transformed into Super Saiyan, Vegeta transformed into Super Saiyan Blue and said he could be as strong if he continued to train before delivering a powerful elbow to hit gut.[37]

Vegeta then carried Cabbe to Botamo. After being declared the victor, Cabbe returned to Vegeta and thanked him. Vegeta told Cabbe to not forget his pride before his next match against the assassin, Hit. Immediately after the referee began the match, Vegeta transformed into Super Saiyan Blue. After a few moments, Vegeta charged at Hit while he had his hands in his pocket, but Hit used his Tokitobashi and punched him before Vegeta attacked Hit. Vegeta quickly recovered and attacked Hit again, but Hit used his Tokitobashi and kicked Vegeta. Vegeta wiped the blood from his mouth before continuing to attack rapidly Hit, but the latter continued to use his Toki-Tobashi to attack Vegeta. Shortly after, Vegeta fell to the ground, resulting in Team Champa's victory.[37]

After the match, Vegeta was given a Senzu by Klilyn. As Goku walked onto the stage, he asked Vegeta for advice but he responded saying "good luck".[37] After Goku transformed into Super Saiyan God in his battle with Hit, Vegeta got angry because Goku was planning to save his Blue power. After Hit powered up to his full power, Vegeta was shocked at his energy. After Goku fired a Kamehameha and destroyed the dome and it was fixed by Vados, Goku decided the jump off the stage because he wanted to fight Hit another time. Before the next match with Monaka, Vegeta asked why Goku quit, but Goku said he could have won but he used his Blue power against Cabba when he could beaten as a Super Saiyan. Vegeta said he had to put him on a better path.[38]

Monaka managed to win against Hit, resulting in the victory of Team Beerus. Shortly after, the Zenoh appeared, and Vegeta asked what it was, and Whis stated he was the king of all universes, shocking him, Piccolo, and Goku. After Zenoh left, Vegeta spoke with Cabbe before finding the final Super Dragon Ball, which was the Nameless Planet. After Beerus granted his wish to Super Shenron, Vegeta and the other returned home to Earth.[38]

"Future" Trunks Arc



At Capsule Corporation, Vegeta was sparring with Goku. After the food was done, Whis told Vegeta and Goku to have a break. While eating ramen, Whis complimented their mastery of being able to control their energy. While discussing the Zenoh, Beerus asked Vegeta the flavor of the ramen and it was butter miso. Vegeta asked if the Zenoh was strong so Beerus said he was not a fighter and Whis stated that was able to destroy existence in an instant, shocking Vegeta and Goku. He continued saying Zenoh once destroyed six of the 18 universes because he was slightly agitated. Vegeta then realized Goku acted like an idiot at the tournament.[39]

Vegeta was playing a video game with Goku, Adult Trunks, Young Trunks, Beerus, and the Pilaf Gang and he came in last place. After the game, Vegeta asked Trunks if activities like it amused him, but Trunks responded saying it was because it has been a while since he could sit around without a care in the world. Vegeta and Goku told Trunks not to worry about Black when they defeat him, his world would return to peace. Vegeta then told Trunks to go to the Gravity Room early the next morning. The next morning, Vegeta was training Trunks in the Gravity Room.[40]

Sometime later, Vegeta was with Trunks, Kibito, and Roh-Kaiohshin when Beerus, Whis, Goku, and Shin returned to Earth. Kibito informed Shin the sage Zuno contacted the Kaiohshin World and said Zamasu was seeking details about the Super Dragon Balls, asked about Goku, and asked if the Dragon Balls were capable of switching the bodies of a god and human, shocking everyone. Figuring out the Tenth Universe's Kaiohshin was in danger, Beerus and Whis went to the Tenth Universe's Kaiohshin World. Shortly after in Capsule Corporation, Pilaf informed Bulma he and the others gathered enough fuel for the time machine meaning they could go into the future. Before leaving in the time machine, Vegeta asked Goku if he remembered the Senzu and he did.[41]

Seventeen years in the future outside of Capsule Corporation, Vegeta was disappointed the see the future Earth in devastation. After Trunks put the time machine into a capsule, he followed a cat to Mye and Goku gave Trunks a senzu to give to her. While Trunks was kissing Mye, Goku wondered what Trunks was doing and this shocked Vegeta, wondering if Goku kissed since he was married but Goku did not know why being married was connected to kissing. After Mye recovered, Vegeta recognized Mye being one of the children that were around his house. He then demanded Trunks and Mai to stay put because if things got bad, he wanted those two to return to the past. Vegeta and Goku then went to Black's location.[41]

While in a park, Vegeta and Goku sensed Black in their presence. Upon seeing Black, Vegeta realized he did look like Goku and wanted to fight Black first.[41] Goku revealed he knew of Black's identity and commented since he switched bodies, he wanted to know of Goku in Zamasu's body, but Black revealed he killed Goku immediately after. Black asked how they appeared there and where Trunks was, but Vegeta did not want to answer his questions and transformed into Super Saiyan and attacked Black. However, Black blocked and dodged the Vegeta's attacks. Shortly after, Black said he was tired of having Trunks as his punching bag and he then transformed into Super Saiyan.[42]

Immediately, Black attacked Vegeta, but Vegeta evaded his attacks. Black then fired a Kamehameha as Vegeta ascended into the air, but Vegeta evaded the blast and attacked Black. Black then charged at Vegeta again, and the two continued to retaliate with blows. Vegeta delivered a heavy blow to Black's face and he flew toward the ground. He proceeded with firing a energy barrage at Black; however, Black created a Ki Barrier. Vegeta realized Trunks would be no match for Black, and Black then wondered what world Vegeta was from, but Vegeta said he would figure it out. Vegeta wanted Black to transform into Blue after Vegeta proceeded to, but the latter said he could not transform at the time.[42]

Instantly, Vegeta attacked Black, as he knew he could not transform. He continued to attack Black as he stated the latter could not use the full potential of Goku's body because he was not like Goku. After Vegeta smashed Black toward the ground, Vegeta and Black then clashed, but Black was beaten. Black stated the humans were unneeded and he then created a Shinretsuzan and attacked Vegeta. However, Vegeta dodged his attacks and swiped him away. After recovering, Black mentioned he killed the gods, but Goku said he had done so by killing the Kaiohshin. Black did not care how he accomplished it and created a Kikouha and fired a barrage of blasts as he stated he ruled the universe, but Vegeta again dodged his attacks.[42]

Vegeta Doing Final Flash Against Black

Super Saiyan Blue Vegeta doing Final Flash against Super Saiyan Black.

Vegeta then descended and stated gods how followed his justice were not needed. Black then got angry and said everything he did as a god was absolute justice as he powered up. Vegeta and Black continued to fight, and Vegeta decided to fire a Final Flash at Black, but Black was grabbed and moved out of the way. On top of a building, Black was healed by Zamasu, and Zamasu stated the 0 Humans Plan required them both.[42]

Universe Survival Arc



Galactic Patrol Prisoner Arc

Peaceful World Arc

Ten years after the defeat of Boo, Vegeta appeared with Bulma in the woods while Goku and Goten were training. Bulma complained she has not seen Goku in five years and when Goku commented Bulma looked old and Bulma got furious, Vegeta stated that since Saiyans are warriors, they do not age as fast. He then asked Goku if he was entering the tournament and questioned why. Goku confirmed and noted that someone was strong was entering, but Vegeta could not sense anyone powerful. After Trunks appeared and Pan, Gohan's daughter, finished traveling the Earth, Vegeta stated he would enter the tournament and forced Trunks to participate also or he will cut his allowance.[43]

At the Tenkaichi Budoukai grounds, Vegeta went along with Goku, Trunks, Goten, and Pan to visit Satan in his room, having qualified for the tournament. When picking their spots in the tournament, Vegeta was curious who the reincarnation of Boo was. Goku asked Boo to use his magic to change the reincarnation of Boo to Goku's open bracket and it was Oob, shocking Vegeta. Goku explained when he defeated the evil Boo, he requested for him to return as a good guy so he could fight him, even speculating Emma granting his request.[44]

After picking their placements in the tournament, Vegeta was approached by his opponent Knock, who was being disrespectful to Vegeta so he knocked punched Knock, forcing Knock to be disqualified. The first match of the tournament was Pan versus Mou Kekko. After Pan's victory against her opponent, Goku's match against Oob happened. After their short-lived match, Gokou decided to become Oob's master and live in his village to train him. As Goku and Oob were leaving to his village, Vegeta commented he knew Goku had a secret plan besides training Oob. After Goku and Oob departed, Vegeta declared he will defeat Goku sooner or later.[45]

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  • Toriyama said Vegeta is most likely to die early because he seems he has a high blood pressure.[46]
  • Vegeta's hobby is training.[3]
  • Vegeta will eat anything.[3]
  • Vegeta's favorite vehicle is the attack ball.[3]
  • When there are no battles or on days off, Vegeta trains.[47]
  • In the anime, Vegeta has vermiphobia.
  • Vegeta's degree of danger is 3 stars.[48]
  • Vegeta's activity expectations for the Tournament of Power is 6 stars.[49]
  • Vegeta's name is a pun on the English word "vegetable" (ベジタブル Bejitaburu?).[50]


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