King Vegeta III was the king of the Saiyans. He was the father of Vegeta IV and Tarble.[1]




Vegeta IVEdit



King Vegeta and the queen gave birth to their son, Vegeta IV, in Age 732. The two later gave birth to their second son, Tarble before the queen’s death.

Beerus Using King Vegeta as a Footstool

King Vegeta being used as a footstool by Beerus.

Sometime later, King Vegeta was visited by the God of Destruction Beerus, so the king presented the god a feast in the throne room of the palace.[2][3][4] During his feast, Beerus used King Vegeta as a footstool.[2] Beerus later attacked the king because he ordered for King Vegeta to give him the most comfortable pillow in the universe but was given the second most comfortable pillow and kept the most comfortable for himself (in the anime)[4] or caused a big commotion (in the manga).[3] King Vegeta's son, Prince Vegeta, appeared and tried to help his father, but Beerus paralyzed him.[4] King Vegeta was later killed, along with the Saiyans on Planet Vegeta, after Freeza destroyed the planet.


  • King Vegeta's name is taken from the English word "vegetable" (ベジタブル Bejitaburu?).[5]


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