The universe ( () (ちゅう) Uchū?) is a massive sphere consisting of galaxies, planets, and stars. There were previously 18 universes, but six were annihilated by Zenoh. Universes together adding to the number 13 are considered paired universes, having the same planets, races, etc. The universes are ruled by Zenoh, but administration is provided by the assigned Gods of Destruction, Guide Angels, Kaiohshins, and Kaiohs.


The universe is portrayed as a sphere and divided into two halves. The upper half of the universe is the Cosmos, consisting of Heaven at the top, Daikaioh's Planet, and other planets below. The lower half of the universe is the Universe, consisting the living beings and the planets and stars. Between the halves is Hell and the Demon Kai is located at the bottom of the universe. Outside of the universe is the Kaiohshin Kai.


The universe has a known universal language that every human species in the universe knows. However, some planets have their own native language such as the Nameccians. Thouser, a member of the Coora Task Force, was stated to know over 7,000 languages.


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