Ultra Instinct -Sign-[1][2][3][4] is the temporary state as a sign of being able to master the art of Ultra Instinct.[5][6]


In the form of Ultra Instinct -Sign-, Son Goku has a few major differences than his normal form. In this form, Goku has silver eyes rather than his black eyes, his hair slightly changes, almost becoming of the style of his Super Saiyan form, his aura becomes a flame-like blue, and his body gives off heat.


Anime VersionEdit

Because of the explosion of the Genkidama, the energy of the attack clashed with Son Goku's Ki, causing Goku to break his shell of deep potential. This allowed him to receive a power-up and master Ultra Instinct temporarily. In his battle with Jiren, Goku was able to match Jiren in power and speed, though the Genkidama was not able to damage the mortal of God of Destruction level.[5] However, Goku's time in the form is temporary. He later was able to transform back into this state during his battle with Super Saiyan Kefla because he power was equivalent to Goku's Genkidama against Jiren.

Manga VersionEdit



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