This article is about the ability of Ultra Instinct. For the complete transformation, see Ultra Instinct (Transformation).

Ultra Instinct[1] is the mastery of the skill to be able to have the body act on its own.[2][3][4]


Ultra Instinct is taught by Whis during his training with his martial arts students, Beerus, Son Goku, and Vegeta. However, the skill is hard to master, taking Beerus millions of years to do so but still has not mastered it. The skill allows the person to be able to act without thinking. Mastering the skill will allow the person to beat any opponent. During the Zen Exhibition Match, Beerus used the skill and was able to out move the other God of Destruction in the battle royale. During Goku's battle with Jiren in the Tournament of Power, after Goku absorbed the energy of the Genkidama, the explosion of the Genkidama triggered Goku to be able to master Ultra Instinct temporarily.



  • Ultra Instinct is a pun on "selfish" (身勝手) and "the deepest level of an art or skill" (極意). However, the name suggests the body (身) acting on its own (勝手).
  • Ultra Instinct is similar to Mushin, the martial arts state of being without a mind, acting on instinct.


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