Trunks is the son of Vegeta and Bulma.[2][3] In his future, the androids invented by Dr. Gero devastated the world and defeated Son Gokou along with his father and other warriors. Trunks and Son Gohan, his master, became the only remaining warriors to save the world. However, after the death of his master, Trunks used a time machine created by his mother Bulma to travel back into the past 17 years to get help from Gokou and the others. After helping out the past, Trunks was given the power to defeat the androids in his time. Since their defeat, Trunks lived a peaceful life. Years later, Trunks returned to the past due to a threat who looks like Son Gokou.


Seventeen years into the future, wore a ripped Capsule Corporation jean jacket, ripped gray pants, a ripped red bandana, and boots. While on Earth, Trunks wore a green Capsule Corporation sweater, teal pants, and boots.





Son GohanEdit

Son GokouEdit





Abilities and PowerEdit


  • Burning Attack (バーニングアタック Bāningu Atakku?):[4][5]
  • Masenkou (魔閃光 Masenkō?):
  • Change the Future (チェンジ・ザ・フューチャー Chenji za Fuyūchā?):
  • Finish Buster (フィニッシュバスター Finisshu Basutā?):
  • Shining Slash (シャイニングスラッシュ Shainingu Surasshu?):
  • Heat Dome Attack (ヒートドームアタック Hīto Dōmu Atakku?):[6]
  • Canon the Gyalic (ギャリック砲 Gyarikku-hō?):
  • Taiyouken (太陽拳 Taiyōken?): Trunks first used the Taiyouken against Goku Black and Zamasu to help Goku and Vegeta escape. He claimed he learned the technique from Gohan.[7]
  • Kaifuku Power (回復パワー Kaifuku Pawā?, literal meaning "Restoration Power"):[8]


Super SaiyanEdit

Sometime during his training with his master, Son Gohan, Trunks achieved Super Saiyan.

Super Saiyan 2nd GradeEdit

Super Saiyan 3rd GradeEdit

Super Trunks Manga

Trunks in Super Saiyan 3rd Grade.

After training in the Room of Spirit and Time, Trunks achieved a transformation that ascended beyond Super Saiyan known as Super Saiyan 3rd Grade. In this form, Trunks's body becomes more muscular and his golden hair extends. However, due to its bulky build and immense strength, Trunks's speed decreased and due to this, he failed against defeating Perfect Cell. While transformed, he is referred to as "Super Trunks" (スーパー トランクス Sūpā Torankusu?).

Super Saiyan 2Edit

Trunks achieved Super Saiyan 2 during his battle with Babidi and His Followers when Shin was being tortured by Babidi and Kibito was killed by Darbura.[9] Trunks in his full power as a Super Saiyan 2 has nearly the same amount of power as Gokou as a Super Saiyan 3. However, he was not able to defeat Gokou. He even stated he was fodder compared to Gokou-Black.[10]

Super Saiyan RageEdit

Super Saiyan Rage

Super Saiyan Rage Trunks.

After being defeated by Gokou-Black, Trunks transformed into Super Saiyan 2 in anger, creating Super Saiyan Rage, and he was determined to kill Black.[11]



The Pilaf Gang crawling away

Trunks gazing at Mai.

On May 12, Age 767, Trunks was with his mother when she found Gohan in an aircraft, so they could search for the Dragon Balls before Piccolo died by the Androids. Using the Dragon Radar, Gohan realized the Dragon Balls were in one location, so they went there to investigate. As they arrived, the Dragon Balls were used and became inactive due to Piccolo's death. As Gohan was screaming in sorrow for his master, Trunks was gazing at Mai as she and the rest of her gang were crawling away.[12]

Trunks the Story - The Lone WarriorEdit

Sometime later, Trunks, as a Super Saiyan, was sparring with Gohan, who had one arm. After their match, Trunks mentioned he looked like his father in the dougi and it startled his mother. Gohan said he wore it because he wanted to get stronger than his father. Suddenly, the city was being destroyed and Gohan mentioned it was the Androids. Gohan got angry and transformed into a Super Saiyan. Gohan demanded that Trunks stayed but Trunks was determined to go along. Gohan then caused Trunks to go unconscious by chopping his neck.[13]

Sometime later, Trunks recovered and noticed Gohan was gone and was unable to fell his ki. He then went to the city to see Gohan on the ground dead. Trunks began to scream and cry as he pounded the ground.[13]

Three years later, Trunks returned home with a box he bought. Bulma was working on the Time Machine and said it would work but she was unable to test it during the eight month charge up. Trunks asked if it was necessary to return to the past because he had gotten stronger. Bulma responded saying he was naive and he was at the same strength as Gohan when he died however Trunks thought it was going to be different. Suddenly, a broadcast announced the Androids were attacking 300 km south of the Western Capital. Bulma did not want Trunks to go but he ignored her demand. He grabbed his sword before headed towards the location.[13]

Five days later in a small hospital near the Western Capital, Trunks realized he was unable to defeat the Androids and said he could not believe he managed to escaped. He also mentioned after he recovered, he would get in the Time Machine. Trunks asked if Goku was strong so Bulma responded he was and was able to give them bad when things got bad. Trunks said he wanted to see what his dad was like but Bulma warned him not to expect much. Sometime later, Trunks was given medicine and he mother wished him luck before he left in the time machine.[13]

Androids and Cell ArcEdit


Trunks with the Z Sword

Trunks training with the Z Sword.

Years later, Trunks was on the Kaiohshin World training with the Z Sword preparing for Babidi's arrival on Earth. After Shin prepared to throw Katchin Steel at Trunks to test its sharpness and to finalize his training, Kibito sensed Babidi movements, so the three departed to go to Earth. Later, Trunks was battling against Darbura as a Super Saiyan with the Z Sword. During the battle, Darbura spits on the sword so Shin then demanded him to drop it. After Trunks dropped the sword, it broke once it reached the ground and at the same time, Darbura attacked Trunks with his sword. However, Trunks held back his sword with his hands. As Trunks was holding back the sword, Darbura breathed fire on the sword, destroying it before Trunks was pushed back by the latter.[9]

Shin apologized to Trunks for being unaware Babidi possessed Darbura before charging at the mage. However, Darbura attacked Shin and killed Kibito, who was attempting to help the Kaiohshin after he was attacked. Trunks then got angry and transformed into Super Saiyan 2 as Babidi tortured Shin. Trunks then punched Darbura rapidly before delivering a upper-kick to him. He continued to attack the demon by delivering a powerful kick, forcing him to land on Babidi, killing him. Darbura acquired his spear to kill Trunks with it, but Shin paralyzed Darbura, so Trunks could finish him off with a Burning Attack. Afterward, Shin was relieved Majin-Boo was not resurrected before perishing.[9]

Resurrection 'F'Edit

In a room, Trunks found fuel and said his mother would be happy before putting it in a case. He then found a book known as the Legend of Dragon Ball on a table after sitting to rest. Trunks then began to read the battle that transpired on Namecc with Freeza. After reading the book which ended on Goku defeating Freeza on Namecc after he attempted to help him, Trunks stated Freeza later tried to revive him and transformed into a cyborg, but said a young man from the future appeared and killed him, which was him. He then said he thought everything ended as he looked out a window, looking at the destruction of the city.[14]

Black defeats Trunks

Trunks is defeated by Black.

Sometime later, Trunks questioned how the devastation could happen to his world. Suddenly, He was shocked when he noticed Black sensed his ki, so he grabbed his suit case of fluid and ran. While cautiously looking out for Black, Trunks was shot at by Black by several Black Power Balls and was hit. While on the ground, Black threatened his life, but Mai appeared and threw a flash grenade at Black. While he was blinded, Trunks and Mai ran away and went into hiding. Trunks thanked Mai for saving him, but she said if he died no one would save them, so he apologized.[14]

"Future" Trunks ArcEdit



In the Western Capital, Trunks was running through the city when he was attacked from the sky. While hiding behind a building, Trunks retaliated and fired it into the building. However, a leak happened and it caused nuclear destruction, but Trunks managed to get away. In another town, Trunks reached a safe house where Mai was present. After drinking water, Mai asked Trunks what happened to Bulma, and he explained when she was going to clean the solar panels, they got her. Man then began to comfort Trunks. Moments later, Mai gave Trunks food she found in a can. While eating the food, Trunks explained his mother gathered enough energy for the time machine but only enough for a one-way trip. After giving Mai half of his food, he said when the sun sets, they will travel back into the past 17 years ago where he dad and others were still alive. While packing, Mai asked what was special about 17 years in the past, so Trunks said the settings of the time machine were set to 17 years in the past and if he were to change them, he probably would not have entered the same parallel world. Mai mentioned he defeated the Androids in the past and the present and had peace until he appeared. Trunks then realized "he" could sense his ki, an ability unique to the Earthlings. As he gave Mai a shotgun, he said they needed to hurry.[15]

Trunks after His Enemy Attacked Mai

Trunks next to fire after Mai was attacked by their enemy.

After entering a sewer, Trunks and Mai reached Capsule Corp. While attempting to enter the building, the door was jammed so Trunks fired a ki blast to open it. However, someone was present and said he knew Trunks would return. Trunks then fired a ki blast at him and he grabbed Mai as he ran in the building. Unfortunately, someone was present and said there was no point in hiding. He then fired a barrage of ki blasts at Mai and Trunks but Trunks grabbed Mai out of the way. Before Trunks attacked the person, he wanted Mai to leave in the time machine while he held him off. However, Trunks was easily beaten. As the guy was walking towards Trunks, Mai was above them and fired her shotgun at him but he retaliated with a ki blast. After Mai fell to the guy, Trunks held her but stood as his enemy approached him and stated he would kill him.[15]

Trunks Hit from Behind by His Enemy

Super Saiyan 2 Trunks getting hit from behind by his enemy.

Trunks then angrily transformed into Super Saiyan 2 and fired a Demon Flash at his enemy, pushing him out of Capsule Corporation. As his enemy destroyed the blast, Trunks rushed at him with his sword but the latter moved out of the way, causing Trunks to stab the ground. However, Trunks pivoted and attacked him rapidly but his enemy managed to block his attacks and fired a ki blast at Trunks. Trunks grabbed onto his sword and threw the ground out his enemy but the latter used Teleportation and elbowed Trunks in the back. As Trunks was on the ground, his enemy was prepared to kill Trunks with his sword. Trunks thought of his mother and Mai telling him they need him alive. Trunks then used his sword carrier to hit the sword, causing it to fly into the air, and fired a barrage of ki blasts at the ground, causing him to ascend. While in the air, he grabbed his sword and went into Capsule Corporation. Moments later, Trunks appeared in the time machine. As Black stated he would not get away and fired a Black Kamehameha at Trunks, Trunks vanished.[16]

Seventeen years in the past, Trunks arrived unconscious. Sometime later, Trunks awoke due to Vegeta giving him a senzu. After Trunks woke up, he noticed Goku and attacked him in anger, but the latter caught his fist. Trunks then realized it was Goku and said he thought he died when Cell self-destructed but Goku said he managed to gain his life back. Moments later, Goku asked Trunks if Majin Boo did anything, but Trunks stated he managed to defeat Babidi and Dabra and the Kaioshin helped. Vegeta asked what enemy what capable of doing it to him and Trunks explained he destroyed for justice and killed many humans before. He continued saying he managed to hold him off for a year but there were only a few Earthlings left, and mentioned his mother was killed. After Vegeta demand, Trunks said it was someone who looked like Goku and his named was Goku Black.[16]

Goku was ready to beat Black but Trunks said he could not return because he only had enough fuel for a one-way trip. Vegeta wondered why Trunks returned and became angry when Trunks said he ran away, however Bulma told Goku and Vegeta to back off. Goku asked Trunks what due was required for the time machine and he responded saying Blue No. 15 Electro-Fluid, fuel Bulma was in the process of developing. Bulma said it would take a complete day to create enough fuel for the time machine and this shocked Trunks, saying it took nearly a year to fill half a tank. After Vegeta and Goku were given permission by Bulma to go into the future, Trunks stated Black had unimaginable strength and he could not reach his level. Goku then requested for Trunks to have a sparring match with him.[16]

Trunks and Goku transformed into Super Saiyan 2 and Goku began to attack Trunks, however, Trunks blocked his attacks. After Goku attacked him, Trunks dodged and kicked Goku into the air and drew his sword and attacked him but Goku used his finger to block. Shortly after the two departed, Goku said Trunks was stronger than Gohan was and Trunks stated it had been ten long years and he trained vigorously. Goku then transformed into Super Saiyan Three. Trunks powered up to nearly the same amount as Goku and attacked the latter, but Goku vanished behind Trunks and kicked his neck as a Super Saiyan God. After recovering, Trunks said with his power, he was still fodder compared to Black. Goku asked Beerus and Whis to tag along but Beerus denied because time travel was a serious offense but wondered why the God of Destruction was allowing Black's destruction. Whis asked Trunks what happened to the Kaioshin in his time and Trunks said he died when assisting against Darubra. This shocked Beerus and Goku asked if he was fond of the Kaioshin, but Whis stated the Gods of Destruction and the Kaioshin are connected and if the Kaioshin died, the God of Destruction follows, which means the God of Destruction in Trunks's world no longer existed, shocking everyone.[16]

Sometime later inside Capsule Corporation, Trunks explained what happened when the Kaioshin died and stated Black appeared shortly after and killed the humans without wasting time. While Trunks was speaking to Goku, Beerus asked Trunks if he was sure the God of Destruction was dead and he said yes and wondered if he was the God of Destruction. Goku then introduced Trunks the Beerus and Whis and mentioned they were stronger than they were. However, Bulma arrived and ended the discussion until there was enough fuel for the time machine. She then ordered Trunks to go to Building No. 29 to change clothing. He then noticed his younger self and asked if he could transform into a Super Saiyan and told him he was becoming a fine young man and told him to protect those important to him. He then noticed Mai and told her she was in his future but not Pilaf and Shu. Bulma told Trunks dinner was at 6 and told him it was at the restaurant.[9]

At the CC Restaurant, Trunks's grandmother, Panchy, realized he returned from the future and thought he was present Trunks and had a growth spurt. Goku then asked Trunks if there were comrades left but Trunks stated Black defeated the remaining gods and he said there was no one left to get in his way. Beerus said there was nothing preventing him from entering their world and Whis suggested asking the Kaioshin. Beerus agreed and wondered if a Kaioshin succumbed to evil.[9]

Adult Trunks Winning the Race

Adult Trunks wins the race.

Later that night, both Trunks's won a video game they were playing with Goku, Vegeta, Beerus, and the Pilaf Gang. After Beerus and Whis left because Beerus was angry for losing, Mai congratulated Big Trunks, but Big Trunks said Young Trunks did most the work. Trunks was watching Trunks and the Pilaf Gang play when Goku suggested Trunks should go to bed early. Goku and Vegeta told Trunks not to worry because when they defeat Black, his future will return to peace. Trunks then stated he wanted to take part with them because he would feel happier to bring peace back with his hands. Goku and Vegeta allowed this and Vegeta commanded Trunks to go to the Gravity Room the next morning.[17]

The next morning, Trunks was training with Vegeta in the Gravity Room. Later, Trunks was with Vegeta, Kibito, the Elder Kaioshin, and Bulma when Beerus, Whis, Shin, and Goku arrived on Earth. When discussing Zuno contacting the Kaioshin Realm because the Kaio, Zamasu, asked about the Super Dragon Balls, Goku, and if it were possible to switch the bodies of a god and human, Bulma realized Goku Black would have to be someone else so Trunks stated Goku in his time died long ago. Whis then asked Trunks if Black wore Potara, so Trunks commented he wore one and when asked if he had the color he showed, Trunks remembered an encounter with Black and realized he wore the same color Potara.[18]

Afterwards, Whis realized the Kaioshin of the 10th Universe was in danger so he and Beerus left to visit the Kaioshin. After they left, Trunks, Vegeta, Bulma, and Goku went inside Capsule Corporation. While inside, Pilaf stated he and the others gathered enough fuel for the time machine, meaning they could go into the future. Bulma then told Trunks to return if worked out, and he understood. Sometime later, Trunks, Vegeta, and Goku headed to the future and Goku had senzu. In the future, when arriving, Goku did not fell good coming out of the time machine because he looked outside. After noticing Black sensed them, Trunks decided to hide the time machine. After he put the time machine into a capsule, he noticed a black cat and realized who it was and followed the cat, leading him to Mai and he realized she was alive.[18]

Trunks Preparing to Kiss Mai

Trunks preparing to kiss Mai.

Goku gave Trunks a sense and he gave it to her by kissing her. After she recovered, the two were glad to see each other. Mai asked if he returned to the past and Trunks responded saying thanks to his mother, he was able to return. She wondered why he returned and Goku responded saying he brought them to defeat Black. Mai thought it was Black but Trunks told her it was the real Goku. After Trunks introduced Mai to his father, Vegeta wanted the two to hide, but Trunks stated he wanted to fight, but Vegeta wanted him to protect the time machine and Mai because if something happened, he wanted them to return to the past. After Goku and Vegeta left to fight Black, Mai asked if they could do it, so Trunks said they could because they had strange power.[18]

Sometime later, Mai said Black was a Super Saiyan and Trunks mentioned he had not seen Black as a Super Saiyan in a while but he has gotten stronger than before. Later, as Vegeta was fighting Black, Trunks and Mai went to Goku's location and Trunks said he had a bad feeling about Black because his Super Saiyan had gotten stronger, so he requested that Black was finished off quickly. After Vegeta fired a Final Flash at Black, Black was moved out of the way by Zamasu and was healed by the latter because the Zero Humans Plan required them both.[19]

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  • Trunks's hobby is tinkering with machines.[1]
  • Trunks's favorite food is convenience store bento.[1]
  • Trunks's favorite vehicle is the time machine.[1]


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