Toyotarou (とよたろう Toyotarō?) is a Japanese comic artist and the artist for Dragon Ball Super.


Toyotarou was born in Tochigi Prefecture on May 17, 1978. Ever since he was a kid, Toyotarou would draw Dragon Ball's supporting characters as protagonists.[1] During elementary school, he would fill his notebook with Dragon Ball drawings "without realizing it." At the time, he was already daydreaming about making a Dragon Ball spin-off comic, and a story starring Chaoz was his first idea.[2] Continuing in his academic years, he continued to draw.[1] Toyotarou later showed his work to Shueisha, and six months later, his first job was two pages for Dragon Ball Heroes as his first work for the company.[3] In 2015, Toyotarou began work for the monthly Dragon Ball Super manga adaptation.



  • Toyotarou's favorite comic is Dragon Ball.[1]
  • Toyotarou's favorite video game is the Kingdom Hearts series.[1]
  • Toyotarou's favorite character is Son Gokou.[1]
  • Toyotarou's favorite attack is the Kamehameha.[1]
  • If Toyotarou was not a comic artist, he would be a TV director.[3]
  • Toyotarou likes Disney and Marvel movies, especially the ones with action scenes between the heroes and villains.
  • Toyotarou likes My Hero Academia.[4]

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