Tights is a science fiction novelist.[2] She is the first daughter of Brief and Panchy, the older sister of Bulma, and the aunt of Trunks and Bura.





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On Omori's island, Tights was on her laptop when she received a call from Bulma asking about the whereabouts of Jaco. Tights told Bulma that Jaco told her he was about 50 minutes from Earth, so Bulma told Tights to tell Jaco to go to Earth.[3]

"Future" Trunks ArcEdit

Sometime later, Tights was at Capsule Corporation eating with Beerus and Whis while Goku and Vegeta sparred, Bulma had a conversation with Jaco, and Trunks and the Pilaf Gang having a lesson with their tutor. After Jaco yelled at Bulma for engaging in "questionable experiments" because of Tights's telling, Tights was grinning while eating daifuku when Bulma was furious with her. As Jaco and Bulma furthered their conversation, Tights was eating. Tights then wondered what they were talking about, but Jaco was unable to explain.[4]

A while later, Bulma was showing Tights something in a book when Jaco commented he was heading home. After Bulma asked about Jaco's new spaceship, Tights was furious with Jaco and wondered where her gift was.[4]

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  • Tights's hobbies are reading and writing Sci-fi adventure novels, motorbikes, and naps.[2]


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