The Tenth Universe ( (だい) 10 () (ちゅう) Dai-Jū Uchū?), also known as the Macho Universe (マッチョな () (ちゅう) Machona Uchū?)[1], is one of the 12 universes. The twin universe of the Tenth Universe is the Third Universe. The Tenth Universe's human level is in eighth place.[1]

The God of Destruction of the universe is Lamushi, the Kaiohshin is Gowasu, and the Guide Angel is Kusu.[1]


The Tenth Universe was erased after the Representatives of the Tenth Universe lost in the Tournament of Power. However, the universe was wished back into existence after Android No. 17 wished it back, along with the other erased universes, with the Super Dragon Balls.[2]


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