Tarble is the second son of King Vegeta, the younger brother of Vegeta, the brother-in-law of Bulma, the grandson-in-law of Dr. Brief and Panchy, the husband of Gure, and the uncle of Trunks and Bura.[1]


Tarble is a short Saiyan (shorter than Vegeta) with tall and spiky black hair with one bang (in the manga, a bang is not present but a widow's peak). He wears a blue jumpsuit under a Fighting Jacket and wears white gloves and white boots. He also possesses a Saiyan tail and has it sway freely and not strapped around his waist.





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Tarble was banished from Planet Vegeta by his father, King Vegeta, because he lacked the incentive for battle. Later, Tarble grew in power but was no match for Abo and Cado, who were on the level of Freeza, when they were terrorizing his planet. When Tarble was approaching Earth, No. 18 commented that a "powerful energy" was approaching.[1]


Tarble wielded a blue scouter. However, it was later destroyed due to Son Goku transforming into Super Saiyan.[1]




Tarble was born to King Vegeta and the queen before Planet Vegeta was destroyed by the emperor, Freeza.[2] He was ordered by his father to be sent to a remote planet because he lacked the aggression and fighting skills of a Saiyan. At some point afterwards, he met and married Gure.[1]

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  • Tarble's name is taken from the English word "vegetable" (ベジタブル Bejitaburu?).


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