Tagoma was the bodyguard of Sorbet.






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  • Bad Lancer (バッドランサー Baddo Ransā?):


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When the Freeza Force have been outmatched in putting down an uprising in Planet Freeza No. 448, Sorbet, who is now standing-in-leader of the Freeza Force, has decided that there is no escape. Sorbet decided to revive Freeza and called Tagoma to join him on a two-person spaceship to Earth.

They scouted the planet and saw that the Pilaf Gang were collecting the Dragon Balls. Tagoma and Sorbet quickly went to Earth before they find the seventh Dragon Ball. The final Dragon Ball to be retrieved is in the ocean and Tagoma was sent down to retrieve it. Tagoma, Sorbet, and Pilaf Gang went to the desert to summon Shenron to revive Freeza. After Shenron stated that he could not revive Freeza due to him being cut into pieces, Tagoma suggested that they use the recovery chambers they have built before. On Sorbet's spaceship, Freeza was quickly revived and made whole. Tagoma was briefly reintroduced to Freeza who he forgot who his soldiers were. Freeza started to describe his plan to avenge his fall at the Saiyans. Tagoma said that Freeza should just ignore the Saiyans and focus on the universe. As a result of angering the tyrant, he was blasted by Freeza into outer space, calling Sorbet to help him while Sorbet is torn apart by his demise and screams his name.

God of Destruction Beerus ArcEdit

On Planet Freeza No. 17 at headquarters of the Freeza Force, Tagoma reported to Sorbet that Garana's scout ship was destroyed. Sorbet stated that the Freeza Army was declining so they needed to hurry to find the Dragon Balls, so they could revive Freeza.[3]

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  • Tagoma's name is a pun on the Japanese word for "egg."


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