What do you think of this color? Isn't it beautiful? If I were to name it the way you like doing, I would call it... 'Rosé.' Yes... 'Super Saiyan Rosé.'
— Goku-Black after transforming.[1]

Super Saiyan Rosé[2][3], abbreviated as SS Rosé, is a transformation ability for gods who surpass Super Saiyan God.[4]


The Saiyan's physique while in Rosé becomes thinner and their hair transforms into the style of their Super Saiyan form, and the color of the hair becomes light pink rather than light blue due to being a god.[4] The eye color of the Saiyan becomes light gray. The aura of the user becomes flame-like, similar to Super Saiyan God, and has dark red hue then becomes light purple to dark violet.

However, when Goku-Black merged with Zamasu, Potara Zamasu's hair color transformed into white rather than retain the light pink hair color.[5]




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