Super Saiyan Full Power, also known as Super Saiyan 4th Grade ( (スーパー) サイヤ (じん) 第四 (だいよん) 段階 (だんかい) Sūpā Saiya-jin Daiyon Dankai?), is the advancement the Super Saiyan transformation with the limits of the form's power drawn out.


The Saiyans' physical appearance does not change drastically from Super Saiyan. However, the hair becomes lighter. The Saiyans' facial expression becomes more relaxed due to being used to the form. However with Broly, he becomes bulkier and instead of his hair being golden, it becomes lime green.


Gokou and Gohan went inside the Seishin to Toki no Heya to master the Super Saiyan form for their battle against Cell.

After achieving Super Saiyan, during his fight against Gogeta, Broly was able to draw out the limits of his power.[1]



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