Son Gohan was the Son Gohan of Trunks's world. He was the master of Trunks.






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  • Taiyouken (太陽拳 Taiyōken?): Trunks claimed Gohan taught him the technique.[5]


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Super Saiyan Future Son Gohan

Gohan as a Super Saiyan.



The Pilaf Gang crawling away

Gohan screaming in sorrow for his master.

On May 12, Age 767, as the Androids attacked, Gohan left the battle in search of the Dragon Balls when Bulma appeared in an aircraft. While in the aircraft, Gohan used the Dragon Radar to locate the Dragon Balls but all Dragon Balls were in one location. Upon arriving in the Dragon Balls' location, the Dragon Balls were used and became inactive due to Piccolo's death. Gohan then began to scream in sorrow for his master.[6]

Trunks the Story - The Lone WarriorEdit

Sometime later, Gohan, with one arm, was sparring with Trunks, who was transformed into a Super Saiyan. After their match, Gohan stated Trunks would be able to surpass him in a few more months. Trunks commented he looked like his father in his dougi and it startled his mother. Gohan said he wore it to wish to become stronger than his father. Suddenly, an explosion transpired in the city, and Gohan said the Androids were causing it. Gohan then got angry and transformed into Super Saiyan before demanding Trunks to stay put. Trunks was determined to go, but Gohan then made the latter go unconscious before heading to the city.[7]

Upon landing in the city, Gohan double kicked Android No. 17. After No. 17 got up from the attack, he was impressed Gohan was able to escape and mentioned it has been a year since he fought against him. Gohan was determined to defeat No. 17, but No. 17 stated he did not use half of his strength in their previous encounter before attacking Gohan. Gohan later died in his battle against No. 17.[7]

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