Shisami was a soldier of the Freeza Force.[1]




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  • Bull Tackle (ブルタックル Buru Takkuru?):


Gods of the Universe ArcEdit

Resurrection ‘F’Edit

Four months later, Shisami went to Earth to help in Freeza's revenge against the Saiyans. He fought a battle against Piccolo, however he seemed to have a slight advantage due to being superior in strength. While fighting Piccolo, their match was interrupted by Son Gohan and he decided to defeat Shisami. Immediately, Gohan transformed into Super Saiyan and defeated Shisami with one punch to the abdomen. Moments later, Freeza killed all of his soldiers because he found them pathetic after losing.[1]

God of Destruction Beerus ArcEdit

On Planet Freeza No. 17 at headquarters of the Freeza Force, when Tagoma reported to Sorbet that Garana's scout ship was destroyed, Shisami was shocked because Garana was the Freeza Army's number two in power. Sorbet then stated that the Freeza Army was declining, so they needed to hurry to find the Dragon Balls, so they could revive Freeza.[2]

Golden Freeza ArcEdit



Sorbet sad

Shisami, Sorbet, and Freeza in Hell.

Shisami, Freeza, and Sorbet were defeated and sent to Hell after Freeza was revived. Sorbet was disappointed because they were skipped.[3]

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  • Shisami's name is an anagram of the word "sashimi," fresh raw meat or fish cut into thin pieces.


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