Shin was the Kaiohshin of Trunks's world.






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Shin instructed Trunks on how to defeat Darbra.[1] He was later killed by Goku Black.


Shin found Trunks and put him through training to prepare for Babidi's arrival to resurrect Majin-Boo. In the Kaiohshin World, Shin complimented Trunks's swordsmanship with the Z Sword. To finalize his training, Shin created a block of Katchin Steel to test the legendary sword's sharpness. Before he could throw the block to Trunks, Kibito sensed Babidi moving, so the three-headed to Earth.[2]

On Earth, Shin and Kibito were injured as Trunks, in Super Saiyan, was combating against Darbura. As Trunks was fighting him, Darbura spit on the Z Sword so Shin warned him he would turn into stone so Trunks dropped it and Darbura burned it. Moments later, Shin apologized to Trunks for not anticipating Darbura as being one of Babidi's henchmen. Babidi stated he had Yakon and Puipui lure them to Earth and he spent ten years to collect energy to resurrect Majin-Boo. Shin stated it would not happen before charging at Babidi, only to be hit by Darbura's Evil Impulse, and immediately killed Kibito afterward.[2]

Shin was then tormented by Babidi. At the same time, Trunks got angry and transformed into Super Saiyan 2 and overwhelmed Darbura. Babidi thew Shin aside as Trunks delivered at Darbura and he hit Babidi, killing him. Darbura was prepared to throw his spear at Trunks when Shin, from behind, paralyzed Darbura, so Trunks could defeat with a Burning Attack. After Darbura died, Shin was pleased in the success of not allowing Boo to resurrect before dying.[2]

Major BattlesEdit

  • Shin, Trunks, and Kibito vs. Babidi and His Followers


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