The Saiyans are the strongest soldier tribe in the Seventh Universe and Sixth Universe. In the Seventh Universe, the Saiyans were originally native to Planet Sadala but later conquered another planet known as Planet Plant and named it Planet Vegeta after their king. After the destruction of Planet Vegeta, the number of Saiyans became minimal and became native to Planet Earth.


Saiyans are clearly identifiable as looking similar to Earthlings but specifically by their long, brown tails but the Saiyans in the Sixth Universe evolved to no longer need tails. Saiyans in general have black hair but some with exceptions such as King Vegeta and Vegetto and all have black and angular eyes. Saiyans vary in height but have a similar skin color.



The Saiyan lived on Planet Sadala. However, in the Seventh Universe, a civil war among the Saiyan transpired and it led to the destruction of Planet Sadala. However, the remaining Saiyans moved to another planet and named it after their king, Vegeta.[1][2] The Saiyan later formed an alliance with the Freeza Force and made a living of searching out and attacking planets with good environments, then selling the captured planets off to other aliens.[3] In Age 737, the Saiyan were eradicated after Freeza ordered the Saiyan to return to Planet Vegeta in one month's time. However, Prince Vegeta, Nappa, and Raditz survived and were later told the planet was destroyed by a meteor. Kacarrot, later known as Son Goku, was sent to Earth by his parents one month before the destruction because of his father's suspicion. Tarble, the younger brother of Vegeta, was sent to a remote planet by his father because he lacked the aggression and fighting skills of a Saiyan.

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  • Saiya is an anagram of the word yasai, meaning vegetable. It also a pun on the word ya-jin, meaning wild man, fitting the wild nature of the Saiyans.
    • The names of Saiyans are puns on various vegetables.


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