Renso is the former captain of the Sadala Defense Force, and he is the elder brother of Caulifla.[1]


Renso is a tall individual with a broad facial structure, long, black hair in a ponytail and a goatee. He wears a brown coat over a dark blue tunic, a dark blue hakama, and brown sandals.




Renso is Cabbe's former captain, so Cabbe highly respects Renso. Renso also trained Cabbe to help him further develop his power. When Cabbe arrived at his home, Renso did not think of his injured leg, showing the two have a close relationship.[1]

Cabbe refers to Renso as "Renso-san", showing his respect towards the latter.

Abilities and PowerEdit

Renso is a powerful individual as being former captain of the Sadla Defense Force, and Cabbe to consider him for the Tournament of Power. However, Renso has far less potential power than his younger sister, Caulifla.[1]



At some point in the past, Renso became the captain of the Sadala Defense Force, and he trained Cabbe. He later retired after injuring his leg.[1]

Universe Survival ArcEdit

Renso was in his home when Cabbe arrived. After Cabbe showed Renso his new power, he asked the former captain of the Sadla Defense Force to join his team for the Tournament of Power because his experience was needed, but Renso declined due to his injured leg. However, he suggested his young sister, Caulifla, because her potential power was far beyond his.[1]


  • Renso's name presumably comes from 菠薐草 hōrensō, the Japanese word for "spinach", fitting the theme of Saiyan names being puns on vegetables.


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