God of Destruction Quitela is the God of Destruction of the Fourth Universe.[1]


Quitela is a short yellow mouse-humanoid with green and gray God of Destruction attire.


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Quitela was accompanied by Angel Cognic and Kaiohshin Kuru of the Fourth Universe for the Zen Exhibition Match in Zenoh's Palace. After Daishinkan informed the Gods of Destruction, Kaiohshins, and Angels of the Tournament of Power, the Zen Exhibition Match began with Majin-Boo from the Seventh Universe and Basil from the Ninth Universe.[4]

Quitela was telepathically speaking with Sidra and he told the god of the information sent from his spies for each of the universes. He stated the spies said the Seventh Universe would go after the Ninth Universe first, so Quitela suggested to go after their universe first. Quitela informed Sidra of the last representative member of the 7th Universe, Freeza, and said to eliminate him before he met up with Goku and the others and it would be hard to determine who did it. He believed the Seventh Universe were get disqualified, but Sidra was hesitant because he was in fear of the Zenoh knowing, but Quitela told Sidra not be directly involved by commenting his universe had pawns that could do it without revealing association. After Quitela then ended their discussion, he believed if the 7th Universe was eliminated, their chances of winning would increase. Kuru wondered if Sidra would do it, so Quitela said he would.[2]

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  • Quitela's name is an anagram of the alcoholic beverage tequila.


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