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Planet Sadala is the home planet of the Saiyans.[1][2]


Sixth Universe[]

Planet Sadala still exists within the Sixth Universe, and Cabbe is a Saiyan from the planet.[1][2]

Seventh Universe[]

Planet Sadala was the original home of the Saiyans before conquering another planet and named it Planet Vegeta. Planet Sadala was destroyed due to a civil war among the Saiyans.[1][2]


  • Sadala is an anagram of the English word salad (サラダ Sarada?). This name fits into the theme of Saiyan names due to a salad containing vegetables.
  • In the original chapter of Chapter 8 in Vjump, it was named Salad. The name was, however, changed to Sadala in the first volume, matching the animated version.


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