Piano is the first child of Piccolo-Daimaoh.


Piano is a short creature with yellow-green skin resembling a human-Pterodactyl hybrid. He wears a brownish red robe, and a blue cape tied to his robe. He wears a golden necklace, with a red jewel on it. The sleeves of his robe are lavender in color, and the ends of his sleeves are purple.


Piano, like all of Daimaoh's spawn, is very loyal to his father. He is also very intelligent. While he is not a fighter like the others, he does seem sadistic, destroying a banquet that a bunch of cooks and maids made for his father and forcing them to start over, referring to the meal as "slop". This also shows that he can be demanding when interacting with humans. He seems to care for his brothers, as he appeared saddened by Cymbal's death.


Abilities and PowerEdit

Piano never fights anyone, so it is unknown how powerful he is or if he can fire Kikouha. At the very least, he can fly. He appears rather weak however, as he was by his father falling on him.


Piccolo-Daimaoh ArcEdit

Piano was the first child created by Piccolo following his release from the Mafuuba by the Pilaf Gang. Unlike his brothers, Piano never fought. He stayed by his father to act as his attendant. After his father gained eternal youth, Piano accompanied him to Chow Castle, where he took over the world. After Gokou appeared and killed Drum, Piano stood on the sidelines to watch him battle Daimao. Midway through the fight, Gokou punched Piccolo into the air. Piccolo fell on Piano and crushed him, getting killed instantly.

Major BattlesEdit


  • Piano's name is taken directly from the English word for "piano", fitting the theme of Piccolo's henchmen being named after musical instruments.
  • In the original, Piano was killed instantly when Piccolo fell on him. In the English version, he wails feebly while lying on the ground, indicating he is still alive, and is later finished off when he sinks underground during an earthquake.


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