Otta Magetta[4][5][6] is a Metalman from the Sixth Universe.[1]


Otta Magetta Design


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  • Volcano Explosion (ボルケーノエクスプロージョン Borukēno Ekusupurōjon?):


Sixth Universe ArcEdit



Magetta was on the Nameless Planet to participate in the Sixth Universe and Seventh Universe Gods of Destruction Selection Martial Arts Competition. When it was time to take the exam, he appeared on the stage with his teammates.[2] He then took a ten simple question exam to participate, After taking the exam, Magetta was sad he received a score of 50 on it.[7] After Vegeta won against Frost, Magetta was Team Champa's next warrior to compete.[1]

Before the match began as Magetta walked to the stage, he drank lava and moments later exhaled smoke. Immediately, Magetta charged Vegeta, but Vegeta dodged and punched Magetta. However, Vegeta hurt his hand and was then struck by the Metalman. Magetta attempted to step on Vegeta, but the Saiyan rolled out of the way, jumped into the air and fired a blast at Magetta.[1]

After the smoke cleared, Magetta was unhurt, shocking Vegeta. As Vegeta dodged Magetta's attacks, Vegeta heard Goku tell him to toss him out. Vegeta attempted this tactic but failed to lift him due to weighing over 1,000 tons, even as a Super Saiyan, and Magetta punched Vegeta. Vegeta's dodged Magetta's second attack and then ascended into the air. Magetta then shielded himself as Vegeta began to fire a barrage of ki blasts around the Metalman, destroying the stage. However, Magetta began to fire his saliva at the blasts. Vegeta then angrily called Magetta a piece of iron trash before firing a blast at him. Magetta froze up and fell off the stage.[1]

After the match, Magetta was sad and Botamo comforted him.[8] After the Team Champa lost due to Hit losing to Monaka, Magetta and the other returned home.[9]

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  • Otta Magetta vs. Vegeta
  • Magetta vs. Toppo
  • Magetta and Botamo vs. Vegeta


  • Otta Magetta's name (オッタ・マゲッタ o·t·ta·ma·ge·t·ta) is a pun on the Japanese word for automatic (オートマチック o·o·to·ma·chi·k·ku?) or automata, a fancy word for robot.


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