North Kaioh's Planet[1][2], also known as Kaioh's Planet[3], is the planet of North Kaioh. His planet is at the end of Snake Way.


Kaioh's Planet was later restored after Kaioh contacted Muri and asked to use the Nameccian Dragon Balls. While Kaioh's intentions were to restore what his planet was before Beerus destroyed it and additions, Gokou appeared on Snake Way and told Polunga to restore it the way it was.[4] Later, Kaioh was visited by the God of Destruction Beerus in search of the Super Saiyan God while Gokou was training on his planet. During his sparring match with the God of Destruction, Gokou punched a huge hole through the planet. Moments later, it was lated fixed by Kaioh.



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