Murichim is a warrior from the Tenth Universe.[1]


Murichim is a humanoid with a muscular physique. He has pale red skin, a chubby face, and a red nose. He wears a red scarf around his neck, a white cloth around his waist, and gold bands around his wrists and ankles.



Universe Survival ArcEdit

Murichim, along with the other warriors for the Tenth Universe team chosen by God of Destruction Lamushi, appeared in the Kaiohshin World with the God of Destruction and Angel Kusu. Murichim introduced himself to Gowasu, the Kaiohshin. Gowasu told Murichim the universe rested on their shoulders but Murichim and the other warriors began to drink protein to build brawny bodies.[1]


  • Murichim vs. Toppo


  • Murichim's name is presumably a pun on "hopeless team" or "try-hard team." 無理 muri can be translated in various ways, and チーム chīmu is rendered as the English word for team.


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