Kibito was the Kibito of the future Trunks's world. He served as the attendant of Shin.





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Kibito was in the Kaiohshin World as Trunks was training with the Z Sword to prepare for Babidi's arrival. Kibito was impressed to see a human being capable of wielding the sword. After Shin created Katchin Steel to test the sword's sharpness, Kibito sensed Babidi heading to Earth so the three headed there.[1]

On Earth, Kibito and Shin were injured as Trunks was combating Darbura in his Super Saiyan form. As Trunks was fighting Darbura, Darbura spits on the Z Sword, turning it into stone. Due to the Kaiohshin's demand, Trunks dropped the sword. Moments later, Kibito was shocked to see the Z Sword breaking and burned. Babidi stated he used Yakon and Puipui as a decoy to lure them there and took ten years to collect enough energy to resurrect Majin-Boo. Shin charged at Babidi but was hit by Darbura's Evil Impulse. Kibito stated as he attempted to assist Shin that he of all must stay alive before he was blasted away by Darbura.[1]

Major BattlesEdit

  • Kibito, Trunks, and Shin vs. Babidi and His Followers


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