Kefula[2][3][4][5] is the fusion of Kale and Caulifla with the Potaras.[6]




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Super Saiyan Kefula Animated Version

Kefula in Super Saiyan.

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During the Tournament of Power,


During the Tournament of Power, Kefula came to be after Caulifla attached a Potara on her ear, and Cabbe was able to put a Potara on the ear of a berserk Kale. Kefula immediately attacked the Pride Troopers and eliminated 7 out of ten members. Kefula then caught sight of Jiren as well as Son Gokou, so she fired a Kikouhou at the two, but Son Gohan appeared and swiped the attack away, challenging her.[7] With 15 minutes left remaining in the Tournament of Power, Kefula punched, but Gohan dodged and retaliated but Kefula also dodged. While dodging, she flips and grabs his arm with her legs and launches him before flying towards him to pin him down by standing on top of him. Kefula believed he should transform into Super Saiyan if he was able, but Gohan grabbed her legs before saying he felt it was unnecessary. He then kicked her and said he wanted to evolve as an Earthling to not rely on his Saiyan blood. Moments later, the two were at their limit, so the two launched at each other and hit one other, knocking each other off the arena, causing Kefula to separate in Kale and Caulifla.[8]

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  • Kefula vs. Son Gokou (Animated version)
  • Kefula vs. Pride Troopers (Comic version)
  • Kefula vs. Son Gohan (Comic version)



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