For the Funimation dub term for the position, see Kaioh.

Kai is the Kaiohshin of the Eleventh Universe.[1][2]


Kai Artwork

Kai Artwork

Kai is a light purple Core Person with white hair slicked back. He wears a red Kaiohshin coat with yellow outlining and a dark blue obi sash around his waist, a lime green undershirt, dark gray pants, and white boots. He also wears green Potara.


Kai is a gentle Kaiohshin with a strong sense of justice who values life.[1]

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Universe Survival ArcEdit

11th Universe Gods and Toppo

Kai with Belmod, Markarita, and Toppo.

Kai was with Belmod, Markarita, and Kai's bodyguard, Toppo, in Zenoh's Palace for the Zen Exhibition Match. After Daishinkan informed the Gods of Destruction, Kaiohshins, and Angels of the Tournament of Power, the Zen Exhibition Match began with three people warriors from the Seventh Universe and the Ninth Universe: Majin-Boo and Basil of the Trio de Dangers. In their match, when Boo deflected several of Basil's Kikouha, several were deflected in the direction of Kai, so he ordered Toppo to handle them.[3]


  • Kai's name is a pun on Kaiohshin.


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