Kahseral the Slashing Warrior is a general of the Pride Troopers.[1]


Kahseral is a humanoid with light skin and a bulky build. Kahseral wears a red beret and a sleeveless green tunic with gold trimmings and green armbands with gold trimmings. He also wears a belt with a silver buckle and dark pants and his boots are black and white. Kahseral has cybernetic parts on his face and on his shoulders.



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  • Sky Dance Technique (舞空術 Bukūjutsu?): Kahseral has been shown to use the Sky Dance Technique.[1]
  • Double Cannon Maximum (ダブルキャノンマキシマム Daburu Kyanon Makishimamu?): A team combination attack with Dyspo. Kahseral and Dyspo together create a Kikouha. The attack is first seen in the battle against Aragney.[1]


Universe Survival ArcEdit

Hours before the Tournament of Power, Kahseral appeared at a fancy building were Toppo was present and said he heard the latter went to the Zenoh's with Belmod and wondered what happened. However, Toppo's watch beeped, so the two went into Toppo's ship and headed towards Planet Dorakiya where Troopers needed backup. After arriving on the planet, Toppo saved Dyspo who was entangled by Aragney. After the three Pride Troopers performed their poses and introduced themselves, Toppo attacked Arangey first before Dyspo attacked and along with Dyspo, Kahseral performed Double Cannon Maximum, defeating Aragney. In Toppo's ship, Toppo informed Dyspo and Kahseral of the Tournament of Power and he decided to call upon the Pride Troopers on the other planets. Dyspo suggested the help of Jiren, so Toppo said he was training at the time.[1]

Three hours before the Tournament of Power, Kahseral saved a cat for two young children when Toppo suddenly appeared. Kahseral and Toppo went to an escalator for a fancy building. Kahseral wondered what the people of the universe would do while they were away and who would protect them. Inside the building, Toppo informed Kahseral that the Troopers had hero candidate trainees and they were going to be in charge during the hour of the tournament. He also informed him the warriors gathered on Planet Netfiss and began pre-tournament training. Toppo then asked for Kahseral's help, so the general decided to enter the Tournament of Power.[2]



  • Following the theme of the Pride Troopers being named after kitchen tools, Kahseral's name is presumably a pun on casserole, the French Provençal region localized word for "pan".


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