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Goku-Black[12][13][14] was the present Zamasu after using the Super Dragon Balls to switch bodies with Son Goku.[1] He was the Tenth Universe's North Kaioh[11] and the Kaiohshin apprentice of Gowasu, but he later killed his master and took his Potara. After Zamasu took Goku's body, he destroyed many mortals and the gods, and he went by the name "Son Goku" but was later given the name "Goku-Black" by Bulma.[2][3] He is the main antagonist in the "Future" Trunks Arc.


Goku Black Design

Artwork for Goku-Black.

After taking Son Goku's body, Black is similar in appearance to Goku, but his skin is slightly darker, and his physique is slightly thinner. He wears a dark gray martial arts uniform, a darker gray long-sleeved undershirt and pants, a red obi sash around his waist, and white boots. He possesses a green and golden Potara on his left ear and wears a Time Ring on his right index finger.





Son GokuEdit




Abilities and PowersEdit


  • Energy Sense: During his time on Earth, Black was able to gain the ability to sense energy.[4][5]
  • Shunkanidou: Black mastered the ability to use teleport. He is first seen using this technique in his encounter with Trunks when the Saiyan threw a piece of the ground at him.[3]
  • Black Kamehameha (ブラックかめはめ () Burakku Kamehame-ha?, literal meaning "Black Kamehame Wave"): Black has the ability to a Kamehameha. He is first seen using the Kamehameha against Trunks.[15][3]
    • Chou Black Kamehameha ( (ちょう) ブラックかめはめ () Chō Burakku Kamehame-ha?, literal meaning "Super Black Kamehame Wave"):[16]
  • Black Power Ball (ブラックパワーボール Burakku Pawā Bōru?): Black fires a Kikouha. This attack was first used against Trunks.[4]
    • Shinbatsushikkou (神罰 (しんばつ) 執行 (しっこう) Shinbatsu Shikkō?, literal meaning "Divine Punishment Execution"): Black fires a Kikouha the Black Power Ball in his Super Saiyan Rosé form. This attack was first used against Trunks.[17]
  • Kenrou no Double Attack (堅牢 (けんろう) のダブルアタック Kenrō no Daburu Atakku?, literal meaning "Strong Double Attack"):
  • Shinretsuzan ( (しん) (れつ) (ざん) Shin Retsu-zan?): After taking Goku's body, Zamasu went to Earth, and he killed Goku, Chichi, and Goten with a Shinretsuzan.[18]
    • Gekiretsu-Shinretsuzan (激烈 (げきれつ) (しん) (れつ) (ざん) Gekiretsu Shin Retsu-zan?):[16]
      • Shinretsuenbuzan ( (しん) (れつ) 演武 (えんぶ) (ざん) Shin Retsu-Enbu-Zan?, literal meaning "Divine Split Martial Arts Demonstration Slice"):
    • Seiryuutougata-Kiken (青竜 (せいりょう) (とう) (がた) () (けん) Seiryū Tō-gata Kiken?, lireal meaning "Azure Dragon Sword-type Energy Blade"):[18]
      • Chou-Shinretsu-Ranbu ( (ちょう) (しん) (れつ) 乱舞 (らんぶ) Chō Shin Retsu Ranbu?, literal meaning "Super Divine Split Boisterous Dance"): Black creates a blade with his energy and fires several projectiles at his opponent before causing them to explode. This attack was first used against Son Goku.[18]
  • Barrier (バリヤー Bariyā?): Black first uses the Barrier in defense while Vegeta fired a barrage of Kikouha. This technique is first seen by Black in his match against Vegeta.[19]
  • Shunsatsuha (瞬殺 (しゅんさつ) () Shunsatsu-ha?, literal meaning "Instant Killing Wave"): Black performs Shunkanidou before appearing behind his foe and blasting him away with a wave. He first uses this attack against Son Goku.[17]
  • Kiai-Gan (気合 (きあい) (がん) Kiai Gan?):[20]


Super SaiyanEdit

Super Saiyan Gokou-Black

Black as a Super Saiyan.

Black is able to transform into a Super Saiyan due to possessing Gokou's body. He first appeared as a Super Saiyan during his battle with Vegeta and Gokou. Trunks claimed to have seen Black in Super Saiyan, but it has been a while.[19]

Super Saiyan RoséEdit

Super Saiyan Rose Goku Black

Goku-Black as Super Saiyan Rosé.

Black mastered Goku's power inside his body and was able to make it his own and this allowed Black to transform into a Super Saiyan with his god energy. He first transforms into Super Saiyan Rosé in his battle with Goku, Vegeta, and Trunks.[16]

After Black was healed by Zamasu, he powered up and was able to unlock the ability to transform into Super Saiyan Rosé. Because he was born a god, Black's hair was light pink rather than light blue.[21]



Black had the same past as the present Zamasu until Beerus killed him. Zamasu used a Time Ring to go into the future to kill Gowasu and took his Potara. He then used the Time Ring to go into the future a year later to use the Super Dragon Balls to switch bodies with Son Goku, and after doing so, he proclaimed himself as "Son Goku." He immediately went to Earth and killed Goku, who had Zamasu's body, and moments later, Chi-Chi and Goten. After this, "Goku" used the Time Ring to go into Trunks's world and killed Gowasu to form an alliance with himself, who had the same ideology as him. "Goku" and Zamasu gathered the Super Dragon Balls so Zamasu could wish for immortality, and moments later, destroyed the Super Dragon Balls so no one could undo what they had done. He and Zamasu then killed the gods and the mortals of multiple worlds.[2][18]

Sometime later, "Goku" showed up on Earth and spectated the battle with Trunks, Shin, Kibito, and Babidi and His Followers. After Shin perished, "Goku" was pleased he found a world without the difficult, God of Destruction Beerus.[11] Later, when he first made an appearance to the Earthlings, he announced he was going to exterminate them in the name of justice. During this time, he fought Trunks for a year. He was also given the name "Goku-Black" by Bulma because of his black clothing.[3][2]

Resurrection 'F'Edit

Black defeats Trunks

Black defeats Trunks.

After causing destruction to a city, Black began to sense Trunks's energy and so he then pursued him. In a destroyed city, Black found Trunks running on the ground, so he blasted several Black Power Balls at Trunks as he attempted to get away, and Black successfully hit him. While Trunks was lying on the ground in defeat, Black prepared a Black Power Ball to kill Trunks, but Mye appeared and threw a flash grenade at Black. After Black regained his vision, Trunks and Mye were gone, but Black said Trunks would not be able to hide forever, calling him the "last of the Saiyans."[6]

"Future" Trunks ArcEdit


Black was chasing Trunks through a ruined city and fired several Black Power Balls at the ground. He later attacked Trunks and Bulma and killed the latter, also destroying the facility with Bulma's equipment. Sometime later, Black encountered Trunks with Mye when they attempted to enter Capsule Corporation. Mye attacked Black with her shotgun to act as a decoy for Trunks to leave. However, Black fired a Black Power Ball at Mai. Moments later, Black revealed himself and said he was going to kill the final Saiyan.[4]

Black was attacked by Vegeta and he had the advantage. When Black was laid against a wall, he was amused about the body and energy of the gods but was then hit with a energy blast from Vegeta. Black then ascended to the area where Vegeta was and wondered if anger was motivating him. While Black was stating his anger towards the humans, the gods, and his weakness, he created an energy scythe. Black then launches a slash from the scythe which missed Vegeta but created a phenomenon. Vegeta asked Black was it was, but Black, himself, stated he was unaware. Moments later, the phenomenon created copies of Black and the copies surrounded Gokou and Vegeta. Black was amused and wondered why there not doing anything and asked if the power of a god caused them to become frozen. Gokou and Vegeta then attacked the copies but to no avail. Gokou wanted Black to fight, but Black said he was but after he and Vegeta failed to protect the ones they loved and become stronger through their anger. Sometime afterward, Black noticed Zamasu's energy disappearing and reappearing and getting weaker, so he teleported to Zamasu. Black wondered what happened to him, so Zamasu stated that the humans were not bugs, and if he and Black were not careful, their ideas would vanish. Black understood, so he decided that he and Zamasu should show them the true power of the gods. The Potara of Black of Zamasu began to illuminate and Black and Zamasu then fuseed into Potara Zamasu.[22]


Black attacked Trunks while he was running across the ruins of a city. From the sky, he fired several Black Power Balls at Trunks but were unsuccessful in hitting him. He was then hit with a energy blast by Trunks. Later, when Trunks and Mye were trying to get into Capsule Corporation, Black awaited them. After getting hit by Trunks's energy blast, Black teleported to inside the building. He then fires several energy blast at Trunks and Mye but they did not hit. Black was then charged at by Trunks, but Black blasted Trunks away. As Black was walking towards Trunks, Black began to get shot at by Mye. While getting shot at, Black fired a energy blast at Mye and it hit her. Black then threatened the life of Trunks.[5]

Trunks Hit from Behind by His Enemy

Black hitting Super Saiyan 2 Trunks from behind.

After Trunks angrily transformed into Super Saiyan 2, he fired a Masenkou at Black, pushing. While blocking the attack, Black was getting pushed back out of Capsule Corporation, but then destroyed it. Black was then charged at by Trunks again, but he dodged. However, Trunks attacked Black, but he parried his attacks and then blasted him. After Trunks recovered by grabbing his sword, he launched a piece of the ground at Black, but Black used Shunkanidou to get behind and elbow Trunks in the neck. Black then grabbed Trunks's sword and thought of it being poetic if he killed him with his sword. Before Black was going to kill Trunks, Trunks hit him with his sword carrier, causing his sword to fly into the air, and then fired barrage of energy blasts at the ground. Black then cleared the area but noticed Trunks was back inside Capsule Corp., thinking there must be something in there. Trunks appeared in what Black believed to be an aircraft. As Black fired a Kamehameha at Trunks, he vanished.[3]

Black attempted to sense Trunks's energy, but he realized his energy completely vanished from the world. As Black looked into the sky, he wondered since the Kaiohshin and the Gods of Destruction were dead and Trunks left the world if there was anyone to oppose him, but he said it would be boring if it was. He then descended and grabbed the cord that was connected to the time machine and said the persistence of the Saiyans was something to fear and he claimed to know it best than anyone. As he flew away, he stated that he had to do a check-up.[11]

Later, outside a cabin in the mountains, he was sitting at a table drinking a beverage when he sensed frightening energy. After he moved into a destroyed Western Capital, Black noticed the two big energy moved and wondered who they were. In a park, Black appeared before Son Gokou and Vegeta and wondered why the two were there. Vegeta told Gokou to let him go first because beating someone that looks like Gokou would be a thrill.[10]

Gokou revealed he knew of Black's identity and commented since he switched bodies, he wanted to know of Gokou in Zamasu's body, but Black revealed he killed Gokou immediately after. Black asked how they appeared there and where Trunks was but Vegeta did not want to answer his questions and transformed into Super Saiyan and attacked Black. However, Black blocked and dodged the latter's attacks. Shortly after, Black said he was tired of having Trunks as his punching bag and he then transformed into Super Saiyan.[19]

Immediately, Black attacked Vegeta but Vegeta evaded his attacks. Black then fired a Kamehameha as the latter ascended into the air but Vegeta evaded the blast and attacked Black. Black then charged at Vegeta again and the two continued to retaliate with blows. Vegeta delivered a heavy blow to Black's face and he flew toward the ground. He proceeded with firing a energy barrage at Black; however, Black created a Barrier. Black wondered what world Vegeta was from but Vegeta said he would figure it out. Vegeta wanted Black to transform into Blue after Vegeta proceeded to. However, Black said he could not transform at the time.[19]

Instantly, Vegeta attacked Black, as he knew he could not transform. Vegeta continued to attack Black as he stated Black could not use the full potential of Gokou's body because he was not like Gokou. After Vegeta smashed Black toward the ground, Black said he could not let his plan die. He then attacked Vegeta and the latter attacked also and Black was beaten. Black stated the humans were unneeded and he then created a Kami-Retsuzan and attacked Vegeta. However, Vegeta dodged his attacks and swiped him away. After recovering, Black mentioned he killed the gods but Gokou said he had done so by killing the Kaiohshin. Black did not care how he accomplished it and created a Kikouha and fired a barrage of blasts as he stated he ruled the universe but Vegeta again, dodged his attacks.[19]

Vegeta Doing Final Flash Against Black

Super Saiyan Blue Vegeta doing Final Flash against Super Saiyan Black.

Vegeta then descended and stated gods how followed his justice were not needed. Black then got angry and said everything he did as a god was absolute justice as he powered up. Black and Vegeta continued to fight and Vegeta decided to fire a Final Flash at Black, but Black was grabbed and moved out of the way. On top of a building, Black was healed by Zamasu and Zamasu stated the 0 Humans Plan required them both.[19]

Other MediaEdit


Playable AppearancesEdit


  • Goku-Black vs. Trunks and Mye
  • Black vs. Son Gokou (Anime only)
  • Black vs. Vegeta (Manga only)
  • Black and Zamasu vs. Gokou, Trunks, and Vegeta (Anime only)
  • Black and Zamasu vs. Gokou, Vegeta, and Trunks (Anime only)
  • Black and Zamasu vs. Trunks (Anime only)
  • Black and Zamasu vs. Vegeta and Gokou (Anime only)
  • Black and Zamasu vs. Trunks and Mye (Manga only)


  • Goku-Black's name uses the katakana for Gokou (ゴクウ) rather than kanji for Son Goku ( () (くう) ).
  • Goku-Black's degree of danger is 12 stars.[23]
  • In concept art for Super Saiyan Rosé Goku-Black by Dragon Ball Super's animation staff character designer, Tadayoshi Yamamuro, Black's name is written as "Black-Goku" (ブラック () (くう) ).


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