The God of Destruction Champa Arc ( () (かい) (しん) シャンパ (へん) Hakaishin Shanpa Hen?, Funimation: "Champa Saga")[1], or simply the Champa Arc (シャンパ (へん) Shanpa Hen?)[2], also known as the Sixth Universe Arc ( (だい) () (ちゅう) (へん) Dai-Roku Uchū Hen?)[3], the Versus Sixth Universe Arc (VS (バーサス) (だい) () (ちゅう) (へん) Bāsasu Dai-Roku Uchū Hen?), and the Sixth Universe vs. Seventh Universe Arc ( (だい) () (ちゅう) VS (バーサス) (だい) () (ちゅう) (へん) Dai-Roku Uchū VS Dai-Nana Uchū Hen?)[4], is the third arc of the Dragon Ball Super anime and manga. Sometime after the battle with Golden Freeza, Champa, the God of Destruction of the Sixth Universe, challenges his brother, Beerus, to a competition between the strongest warriors from their universes for the Super Dragon Balls.



A Tournament Between Two Gods is FormedEdit


A Tournament Between Two Gods is FormedEdit

Preparing for the TournamentEdit

The Sixth and Seventh Universes Gods of Destruction Selection Martial Arts Competition BeginsEdit

Vegeta Gets His ChanceEdit

Son Gokou vs. the Assassin Hit: The Victorious Universe is DecidedEdit

Differences with the Anime and MangaEdit

  • In Chapter 5, when Gokou and Vegeta were sparring, they both mentioned the name Super Saiyan God Super Saiyan when training with Whis. Whis suggested the name Super Saiyan Blue shortened the name to Super Saiyan Blue because of Gokou's complaint. This conversation did not happen in the anime.
  • In the anime, Jaco fought against Geppuman, a criminal who was in the Galactic Patrol database before meeting Zuno. In the manga, such situation did not happen.
  • In the manga, while training in the Room of Spirit and Time, Gokou and Vegeta transformed into Super Saiyan Blue to use their full power. In the anime, this was not shown.
  • In the manga, the name of Saiyan home planet was by Cabbe to be Salad. In the anime, Cabbe said the name was Sadala, an anagram of salad. However, the manga changed the name in the first manga volume to match the anime's name.
  • In the anime, Gokou immediately transformed into Super Saiyan Blue after figuring out Hit's Tokitobashi technique. In the manga, Gokou transformed into Super Saiyan, Super Saiyan God, then Super Saiyan Blue.


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