The Galactic Patrol, formerly known as the Galactic Police, is a governmental organization governing the Milky Way.



Ten million years ago, the Galactic Police were given Planet-Eater Moro by Daikaiohshin and South Kaiohshin after he destroyed the Iragi Star System and caused mass extinction of about 320 planets. The Galactic Patrol first decided to give Moro a death sentence but no one was able to kill him so he was given life imprisonment.

Years later, the Galactic Patrol noticed a Saiyan was heading to Planet Earth, so the Galactic King ordered Jaco to eliminate the threat to the planet.

Later, Moro escaped the Galactic prison after regaining his magical power. The organization then went to Planet Earth with their No. 1 Galactic Patrolman, Agent Merus, for Majin-Boo to awaken Daikaiohshin from inside Boo. The Galactic Patrol later recruited Saiyans Son Goku and Vegeta IV to recapture the the prisoner. After capturing the Macareni Siblings on Planet Jung, Goku located the escaped prisoner using Shunkanidou after being informed of Moro's location but the Planet-Eater noticed Goku.



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