The Galactic King is the leader of the Galactic Patrol. He is also the king of the Milky Way Galaxy.


The Galactic King is a green octopus. He wears a golden crown with the Galactic Patrol symbol in orange on it.





Jaco the Galactic PatrolmanEdit

After being notified a Saiyan was heading toward Earth, the Galactic King ordered Jaco to investigate to prevent the threat.

God of Destruction Champa ArcEdit



In the cube on the way to the Nameless Planet for the Sixth Universe and Seventh Universe Gods of Destruction Selection Martial Arts Competition, the Galactic King asked Jaco if he stood out, but Jaco stated they were acquaintances with the God of Destruction and the Kaiohshin, reducing their interest in the king and this angered him. Shortly after, the Galactic King participated in Shiritori before reaching the planet.[1] After Son Gokou's match with the Team Champa's Frost, the Galactic King was amazed. He then asked Jaco what was wrong, but Jaco said nothing.[2]

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During Vegeta's match with the final warrior from Team Champa, Hit, Gokou asked Jaco what was happening, but Jaco was unaware of his movements. The Galactic King wondered if he was skipping time, a technique that allows one to skip time for a tenth of a second. He then stated time manipulation was against the Galactic Laws, but refused to arrest him because he and Jaco wanted to live.[3] After Monaka won against Hit due to ring-out, Gokou thanked the Galactic King for helping with Hit's Tokitobashi but accidentally grabbed his weewee.[4] He and the others then headed to the cube. After the final Super Dragon Ball was found and Beerus's wish was granted by Super Shenron, the Galactic King returned to his duties.[5]


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