Kaiohshin Fuwa is the Kaiohshin of the Sixth Universe.[1]





Abilities and PowerEdit


  • Kaikai (カイカイ Kai Kai?): Fuwa has the ability to teleport instantly.[2]


Sixth Universe ArcEdit



Fuwa was on the Nameless Planet with his attendant for the Sixth Universe and Seventh Universe Gods of Destruction Selection Martial Arts Competition. When Team Beerus arrived on the planet, Fuwa was approached by Son Gokou who was curious if he was the Kaiohshin of the Sixth Universe. After he confirmed he was and Gokou left to take his exam, Fuwa asked the Roh-Kaiohshin if he was friends with Gokou, so Roh-Kaiohshin said it was a long story.[1] When Frost was fighting Gokou in his third form, Fuwa was certain Frost would win, but Roh-Kaiohshin said he would not be so sure. Shortly after, Gokou transformed into Super Saiyan, shocking Fuwa and others from the Sixth Universe.[3] When Gokou was forcefully pushing Frost, in his final form, to the each of the arena, Fuwa was surprised while Roh-Kaiohshin gloated.[4]

After Frost's defeat against Vegeta, Otta Magetta was the next warrior from the Sixth Universe. Before their match commenced, Roh-Kaiohshin asked if Magetta was a robot, but Fuwa revealed he was a Metalman from Galaxy 66950 and said they existed in his universe.[5] During Gokou and Hit's match, Fuwa was surprised Gokou got Hit to talk more than he heard from him before, and Roh-Kaiohshin said it was one of his mysterious qualities.[6] After Hit lost against Monaka, declaring Team Beerus the victors, the Zenoh appeared so Fuwa, along with the other gods, went to the stage to bow before him. After the interaction between the Zenoh, the Gods of Destruction, and Gokou, the gods were relieved the Zenoh did not destroy them because of Gokou. After the tournament, Fuwa and his attendant spoke with Shin, Roh-Kaiohshin, and Kibito before returning to their Kaiohshin World.[7]

Universe Survival ArcEdit

Sometime later, Fuwa was with Champa and Vados for the Zen Exhibition Match in the Zenoh's Palace. After Daishinkan appeared and informed the Gods of Destruction, Kaiohshin, and Angels of the Tournament of Power, the Zen Exhibition Match began with Majin-Boo from the Seventh Universe and Basil from the Ninth Universe.[8]


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