The Freeza Force[1] (フリーザ (ぐん) Furīza Gun?, Funimation: "Frieza Force"), also known as the Freeza Family (フリーザ一味 (いちみ) Furīza Ichimi?, Alternative: Freeza and His Followers[2]) and formerly known as the Cold Force (コルド (ぐん) Korudo Gun?), is an organization led the by Freeza the Evil Emperor to control planets in the universe.



King Cold, along with his forces, went to Planet Vegeta to announce his retirement, and he was giving the reigns of the Cold Force to his young son Freeza, naming it the Freeza Force. With their newly developed Scouters, Freeza gave the Saiyans a supply of Scouters to use instead of the Scout Scopes.[3]

Fives years later, Freeza decided to eradicate the Saiyans because of their Super Saiyan and Super Saiyan God legends. However, in an attempt to stop Freeza, the Saiyan Barduck challenged Freeza with an energy blast but Freeza's overpowered the Saiyan and destroyed the planet along with him.[3]

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