Emperor Freeza[1][2][3][4][5][6], also known as Freeza the Evil Emperor[7], is the emperor and prince of the universe (the Northern Galaxies). He is the leader of the Freeza Force and the most recurring villain of the series. Because of his terror of the Super Saiyan and Super Saiyan God legends, he eliminated the Saiyans on Planet Vegeta. However, a survivor of the Saiyans, Son Goku, defeated Freeza after becoming the legendary Super Saiyan on Planet Namecc. Despite their intense battle, Freeza survived the events of Planet Namecc but was later killed by Trunks, the son of Vegeta, on Planet Earth.

Years later, Freeza was revived by remnants of the Freeza Force using the Earth’s Dragon Balls, and he trained for four months to unlock his latent potential to get revenge on the Saiyans who defeated him. Though he unlocked his ultimate evolution known as Golden Freeza, Freeza, in the end, was defeated by Goku once again. About a year later, Freeza was recruited for the Tournament of Power to save the universe from erasure by the Zenohs. After the Representatives of the Seventh Universe won the tournament, Freeza regained his life and gained interest to take down the reign of the Zenohs.

He is the son of King Cold.



Freeza has a unique laugh: Hohohoho.




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Freeza's second form[12]

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Freeza's fourth transformation is known as his Final Form (最終 (さいしゅう) 形態 (けいたい) Saishū Keitai?)[13].

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After four months of training, Freeza managed to achieve an ultimate evolution of his race known as Golden Freeza.[14]



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Freeza called for the Saiyans to return to Planet Vegeta. In his spaceship, he was told of the Super Saiyan and Super Saiyan God legends by his subordinate but his subordinate did not think the legends could be true. However, Freeza did not think the legends should be overlooked, so he planned to destroy the planet in one month's time since most of the Saiyans would not arrive until then. He informed his subordinate to tell the remaining Saiyans that the planet was destroyed by a meteor so the Saiyans would not suspect him.[15]

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In Hell, Freeza was in a cocoon being pestered by the Angels. Later, Freeza was revived in pieces due to remnants of his army, Sorbet and Tagoma, using the Earth's Dragon Balls. He was taken back to Sorbet's spaceship and regenerated in a healing machine. After Freeza's body was completely regenerated back into his first form, he was unaware of who his soldiers were, but Sorbet reintroduced himself along with Tagoma and Shisami. Moments later, he tested his power against one of his soldiers and realized his power rusted while in Hell. He then announced he would not be satisfied until the Super Saiyans have both been killed. Tagoma suggested to Freeza that he should ignore Goku and the other Saiyans and focus on the universe. Freeza then blasted Tagoma into outer space with a Kikouha. After Sorbet commanded for the shield to be turned on, Freeza was disappointed in his army's capabilities. Sorbet then informed Freeza about Goku's power had surpassed that of even Majin-Boo, which was far more than Freeza could have imagined. But due to him being a prodigy, Freeza believed he could train for four months, claiming he would be able to raise his battle power to be 1,300,000.[14]

Four months later, before arriving on Earth, Freeza wondered if Sorbet was able to find the two Saiyans that killed him, but Sorbet stated he was unable to find one and he may have died. Sometime later, he landed at North City with an army of one thousand soldiers. After his soldiers left the spaceship, he fired a Kikouha at the Northern Capital, destroying it. After being amused by his destruction, he was encountered by Gohan, Piccolo, Tenshinhan, Klilyn, Kame-Sennin, and later Bulma and Jaco. Freeza noticed that Klilyn had been revived with the Dragon Balls and mocked him. Bulma asked Freeza for time for Goku to arrive, so he gave Gokou ten seconds to arrive. After the time limit, Sorbet ordered for the army to attack the Dragon Team. After seeing Gohan transform into a Super Saiyan against Shisami, Freeza was shocked and told Sorbet that the Super Saiyans are more fearful out of recordings. After the Freeza Force was defeated, Freeza killed his army out of disappointment. Moments later, Freeza decided to wipe out the warriors one-by-one before he one-punched Gohan in the abdomen. He, however, was quickly revived by Piccolo who pumped his heart and was given a Senzu by Klilyn.[14]

Moments later, Whis contacted Bulma telepathically, so she demanded Goku and Vegeta to return to Earth because Freeza was resurrected and was on Earth. Suddenly, Goku and Vegeta appeared with the use of Teleportation. Freeza was surprised to them and vowed to kill Goku. Freeza immediately transformed into his True Form and battled Goku in his base. Freeza appeared to be losing the fight with Goku. After being beat around, Freeza fired a Golden Death Ball at Gokou but the latter retaliated with a Kamehameha. Their match is interfered by Vegeta because Goku was not taking turns. Freeza fires a blast at the two and told Vegeta that he wanted to fight Goku first. Wanting to use their full powers, Freeza let Goku transform first into Super Saiyan God Super Saiyan, then he transformed into his Ultimate Evolution. Once in this form, he referred to himself as Golden Freeza.[14]

Golden Freeza had the upper advantage over Goku. Freeza was dominating Goku. During their fight, Freeza noticed Beerus watching and he started to get concerned, but Beerus told that he would not intervene. Freeza was warned about his depleting power by Gokou and Vegeta who notices it. As Freeza's power was depleting, due to not having the proper time spent in his golden form, Gokou gains the advantage. Freeza is angered by losing. While on all fours, Freeza signals Sorbet to fire a beam at Gokou in his chest with his Bad Ring Laser. Freeza takes advantage of this situation and makes Goku scream. Freeza is challenged by Gohan and Klilyn but were blocked away by a wave. Freeza planned to kill Goku but decides for Vegeta to kill off Goku instead and offers him supreme commander in the Freeza Force but he turns it down because he needs Goku to get stronger. Vegeta has decided to kill Freeza for blowing up Planet Vegeta. After stating this, Vegeta told Klilyn to give Gokou a Senzu, Freeza became furious and shoots an energy beam at Klilyn as he is giving Goku the Senzu, Vegeta deflects it away, killing Sorbet.[14]

Vegeta then transformed into Super Saiyan God Super Saiyan, drawing fear in Freeza. After being beaten up by Vegeta, Freeza reverted back to his final form. He realized he could not defeat Vegeta, so he blew up the Earth, killing Vegeta and all the inhabitants living there, except for the warriors that were present. It was revealed Freeza survived the destruction thus floating in space in pieces. However, Whis used his Do-Over technique revisit time to three minutes prior. Before Freeza destroyed the Earth, Gokou appeared in his Super Saiyan God Super Saiyan form and killed Freeza with a God Kamehameha, thus preventing Earth's destruction. Freeza returned to Hell and continued to get pestered by the Angels once again.[14]

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Sorbet sad

Freeza, Sorbet, and Shisami in Hell.

Freeza, Sorbet, and Shisami were defeated and sent to Hell after Freeza was revived. Sorbet was disappointed they were skipped.[16]

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Freeza Released from His Cocoon

Freeza after being released from his cocoon.

Freeza was in his cocoon when Goku appeared. Freeza wondered what he wanted, so Goku asked Freeza for 24 hours if he would like to get out of hell. Freeza wondered if he was plotting sometime and Goku said he was. Moments later, Goku did a Kienzan to free Freeza from his cocoon. After being released from his cocoon, Freeza was interested in the Tournament of Power but refused his offer. Without hesitation, Goku decided to leave, but Freeza said he was joking. Freeza stated his terms for joining and it was to resurrect him if they won the tournament and the universe remained. Freeza said he could get much stronger before transforming into Golden Freeza. Goku said the best warrior would get the Super Dragon Balls if they won, but Freeza said he was then unsure of getting resurrecting, so he suggested the Earth's Dragon Balls. Freeza decided to join the team if he promised. He then asked if he could kill his opponents, but Goku told him no, but Freeza said he would endure. As Goku was leaving, he said Baba would return to get him.[17]

Resurrected Freeza Punching Goku

Freeza punching an off-guard Goku.

Sometime later, Freeza was taken by Baba to her palace where Goku awaited him. As Goku was thanking Baba, Freeza punched Goku and said his hand slipped. Goku retaliated and had the same response. After Baba told them to leave, Freeza was told by Goku to hold onto his hand for Teleportation and said not do to anymore hand slipping. Suddenly, Obake appeared and said there were people demanding to see the two. Outside of the palace, as Goku tried to get information from the leader assassin, Freeza fired a Kikouha into the leader's arm, also scrapping Goku's face. Freeza said his hand slipped and enjoyed the welcoming after being resurrected. Goku was ready to leave with Teleportation because they did not have much time, but Freeza, as he transformed into his evolution, said it would be fine if they did not take much time. After transforming, Freeza said they did not have the time, so he told the assassins there would be no complimentary service.[18]

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  • Freeza is the only villain to be revived by the Dragon Balls.
  • Golden Freeza's degree of danger is 7 stars.[19]


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