Episode 20 is titled "Warning from Jaco! Freeza and 1,000 Soldiers are Fast Approaching!".


Freeza Sorbet and Tagoma

Freeza, Sorbet, and Tagoma.

On Sorbet's spaceship, Freeza does not remember his staff members, so Sorbet and Tagoma reintroduce themselves to him. Sorbet explains that he, along with Tagoma, went to Earth to use their Dragon Balls. Freeza goes on and says that Earth's Hell was torturous for him and it took them a long time to revive him. When Sorbet was asked about Freeza's father, he says that they were reviving later, but Freeza does not like the idea because his father is too full of himself. Freeza then declares revenge on the Saiyans that put him through Hell, but Sorbet and Tagoma recognize the danger and suggest that they ignore them. However, Freeza shoots Death Beams at Tagoma for this statement and simply mocks him. After hearing that Gokuh has beaten Majin-Boo, Freeza calculates that he will surpass them if he trains for four months, due to being a prodigy.

File:Vegeta and Goku sparring.png

On Beerus's Planet, Whis is watching Gokuh and Vegeta spar with each other. Whis gives them tips to keep their ki inside of them so their opponent cannot sense their ki. After clashing blows, Gokuh and Vegeta sparked a blue aura from within them, outside. Beerus is up, walking toward them. He smells a butterfly which triggers him to sneeze and shoot a ki blast and destroy a planet. This does not find the need to "redo" anything at the moment. Beerus wonders why Gokuh and Vegeta are present on his planet, and they say that they were brought there by Whis to be trained.

Jaco Goten and Trunks

Jaco greeting Goten and Trunks.

Four months later, Jaco arrives on Earth, at Capsule Corporation, and seemingly Goten and Trunks are present. Jaco is in a rush to speak with Bulma so he sends them to get her. When she shows up, Jaco is curious if she's friends with the one who killed Freeza. Bulma states there are two who defeated Freeza, but the one he is looking for is on Beerus's Planet. Jaco has grave news that Freeza is coming to Earth and he is bringing a thousand soldiers. Bulma tries to get in contact with Whis by messaging him with a strawberry sundae to get Gokuh and Vegeta to go to Earth. With no luck, she, instead, contacts the other Dragon Team members.

File:Piccolo Kuririn Kamesennin Gohan and Tenshinhan.png

Kulilin is on duty when he gets a call from Bulma that Freeza is coming to Earth. He contacts No. 18 to bring his dougi and also to give him a haircut. Kulilin takes off and gets Kame-Sennin so he could help too. Before going to the Northern Capital, Kame-Sennin and Kulilin stop by Karin Tower to retrieve Senzu. While heading to the Northern Capital, they encounter Tenshinhan, Gohan, and Piccolo. All of a sudden, the sky darkens as Freeza and his army are approaching Earth quickly.

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