Emma-Daioh[1][2][3] is the judge of the Other World.


Emma-Daioh is a large demon, colossal in size with red skin, long and bushy black hair with a long beard. He sports a purple suit and a red tie as well as a purple headpiece with two white horns on the sides pointing upwards and the 閻 kanji in the middle of a yellow circle in the center of the piece.



North KaiohEdit


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Emma-Daioh trained with North Kaioh after completing Snake Way.

Emma-Daioh was able to take care of Raditz after he was sent to his world after dying by Piccolo.



Emma-Daioh was able to complete Snake Way and trained with North Kaioh.

Saiyans ArcEdit

Majin-Boo ArcEdit

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Universe Survival ArcEdit

Emma-Daioh was visited by Goku to recruit Freeza for the Tournament of Power. Emma-Daioh allowed Goku to recruit Freeza but requested for him to kill him outside of Earth so he would not have to deal with him.

Super Android No. 17 ArcEdit


  • Emma-Daioh is based off of the Japanese Buddhist judge of souls, Emma-ō.


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