Dyspo the Sonic Warrior is the raiding squad captain for the Pride Troopers.[1]


Dyspo is a humanoid in resemblance to Beerus, the God of Destruction of the Seventh Universe. Dyspo has yellow eyes, elongated ears, slim build with purple skin but lacks a tail. Dyspo also has a buck tooth when showing his teeth. He wears a custom-made Pride Troopers outfit: a grey and red suit with white gloves and long white boots.


Abilities and PowerEdit


  • Bukuujutsu (舞空術 Bukūjutsu?): Dyspo has been shown to use Bukuujutsu.[1]
  • Double Cannon Maximum (ダブルキャノンマキシマム Daburu Kyanon Makishimamu?) - A team cominbation attack with Kahseral. Dyspo and Kahseral together create a kikouha. The attack is first seen in the battle against Aragney.[1]
  • Justice Kick (ジャスティスキック Jasutisu Kikku?): After speeding up, Dyspo kicks his opponent.[2]
  • Justice Crush (ジャスティスクラッシュ Jasutisu Kurasshu?): Dyspo fires a kikouha.[2]


Universe Survival ArcEdit

Dyspo was on Planet Dorakiyan and fought against Aragney single-handedly. After destroying one of Aragney's arms, Dyspo was entangled by the arm while caught off-guard. Aragney was prepared to eat Dyspo when Toppo and Kahseral arrived and the leader fired a kikouha at the monster, causing Aragney to release Dyspo. After the three Pride Troopers performed their poses and introduced themselves, Toppo attacked Arangey first before Dyspo kicked the monster and along with Kahseral, performed Double Cannon Maximum, defeating Aragney. In Toppo's ship, Toppo informed Dyspo and Kahseral of the Tournament of Power and he decided to call upon the Pride Troopers on the other planets. Dyspo suggested the help of Jiren, so Toppo said he was training at the time.[1]



  • Following the theme of the Pride Troopers being named after kitchen tools, Dyspo's name is a pun on a disposal.


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