Daishinkan[2] is the servant of Zenoh.[1] He is the father of the Guide Angels.[3]


Daishinkan is a short individual with light blue skin, has curved eyes with purple irises, and white hair. He has a light blue ring that orbits his head. He wears a teal long-sleeved shirt and teal pants. He also wears a red belt with a gold buckle with the kanji for great (大) on it.




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Daishinkan is said to have one of the top five battle powers in all the universes. Whis said he is no match for Daishinkan.[4] In the manga, Whis said Daishinkan is the strongest in "this world," and he could not hold a candle to him.[1]


  • Bukuujutsu (舞空術 Bukūjutsu?): Daishinkan has the ability to perform Bukuujutsu.[5]
  • Barrier (バリヤー Bariyā?): Daishinkan uses his energy to shield himself. It is first seen during the spar between the Gods of Destruction Iwen, Liquiir, and Arack.[6]
  • Telepathy (テレパシー Terepashī?): Daishinkan has the ability to speak with others with his mind. It is first seen when Whis contacted Daishinkan to enter the World of Void.[6]


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In the Zenoh's Palace, Goku brought the Zenoh another friend, himself from the future. As the two Zenoh played, Daishinkan asked Whis if it was his idea to bring the Zenoh, but Whis denied, responding it was Goku's. After Daishinkan expressed his envy for the Seventh Universe, Whis suggested he visited one say, calling his father, and Daishinkan said he would.[3]


Daishinkan called Whis because the Zenoh requested to speak with Son Goku. When Whis, Shin, and Goku arrived at the Zenoh's Palace, Daishinkan awaited and greeted them.[7] Shin wanted Goku to offer a more proper greeting and Whis apologized for Goku's appearance, but Daishinkan told them to not think of it because it was as formal as Goku could dress. He then escorted them to see Zenoh. After Goku met with Zenoh, as they were leaving the palace, Daishinkan told Whis, Goku was an interesting person and would like to meet him again.[1]

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  • Daishinkan's title in Japanese means "great Shinto priest".


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